[Closed] Bringing back infinite zoom, edit path, and create frame?

I am sure the Prezi staff is overwhelmed with all the questions, learning curves, and complaints, so thank you for your patience. I know I am one among many who are near heartbroken that many of the best features that made Prezi special were removed in Prezi Next. I just want to know what the odds are of those features being put back in (infinite zoom, edit path, create frame, blank Prezi, etc.). Any chance? If there is, I will stick around because Prezi gave my presentations such depth and added meaning in the past. If not, I’ll be sadly looking for new presentation software. It just isn’t anything special anymore without those features. Back to Powerpoint slides? Yeeesh, I hope not. Please bring them back.

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While I cannot share any specifics at this time, yes, we are working hard on bringing you new features and capabilities in Prezi Next. It’s definitely worth sticking around. :slight_smile:

We need to know how long this will take. We have presentations to make and money to make. Being in limbo has not endured Prezi to our boss. What was once touted in our company as the “PowerPoint Slayer” is now being looked over and other tools are being considered to replace Prezi. As Bethany said, PLEASE listen to us! Is there any ETA so that your loyal customers can plan on either using Prezi (which is preferred in the Classic sense) or move on to become more creative with a competitor’s tool. I know that the team is working hard, but the lack of understanding of what made Prezi Classic so unique and Next so “average” in comparison is what is so frustrating.

Sorry for the frustration, Robin. We are listening, and are continuously working on improving Next to bring you the best experience possible. We hope you’ll eventually find all you are looking in the new product as well. Meanwhile, you can continue using Classic as before. Thanks for understadning