[Closed] Cancel my free trial

Could you cancel my free trial, i cant seem to do it myself since the option is not availible.

@Sara_Maki1 Hi, according to our system you have a free Basic license which means that there is no option to cancel the license as there is no payment involved.

I can’t cancel my subscription too.

@Vince_Lenaida_Adricu According to our system, you have a free Basic license which cannot be canceled as there is no payment connected to this license type. Do you maybe have a different account where you are experiencing issues with canceling the trial?

I have the same problem, I received an email saying my free trial will end in 2 days and that I’ll have to pay over if I do not cancel, but I cannot cancel. Please help, I want to cancel and I do not want to pay for a Prezi license.

Hi @Alex_Dirman, I can see that your subscription has already been canceled. Please let me know if you still need help, we’re happy to assist you! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your email. I managed to cancel my subscription.

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Hello, I made a prezi account based on education for my uni project. I subscribed for the free subscription and I was charged. I tried to cancel the free subscription because I was charged and I tried upgrading the account but I cancelled it straight away. I didn’t see the previous charge that usually pops up on the side. I eventually deleted this account but I am not sure if the free subscription fee was deleted and I don’t have it on pending? Just very confused. Thank you.

Hello @Sally_Haam, looks like the account was deleted successfully, was your card still charged?

Before I upgraded the subscription and deleted it straight away, my card was still charged but when I upgraded and deleted the subscription, I think I didn’t see it again. After that, I deleted my account but not exactly sure if I am still charged for the free subscription.

Hello @Sally_Haam, I’ve looked into the account history and do not see any charges, the subscription has also been successfully canceled. I can confirm that your card will not be charged and that the account is deleted.

So, overall everything is all done? Thank you very much!

I would also like to cancel my subscription but don’t see the option to do so when I log into my account, please let me know how to proceed.

Hi there @stislandra, you have a free license which means that there is no option to cancel the license as there is no payment involved.

I want to cancel my free trial?

Hello @Josie_Jeffries, I’ve checked your account and it looks like the subscription is canceled so you won’t renew the license after the trial period expires :slight_smile:

I need to quit prezzi it DOES NOT WORK FOR ME… i do presentations that I must GIVE to persons that will use them as a simple ppt as Im speaking, so the file need to be on an expecific computer and not mine, so, serius security issue there…and:
1- The send LINK option Is AWFULL SLOW if you have videos, and what happen if there is a limited internet conection?
2- The Download option… 300 megas for no one is fun and that is just the installer to view, also, need login??? NO THANKS
3- Every single option need to be loged in, and there is a big fail…
DONT CHARGE ME, I NEED CANCEL THIS, I will go back with the Trusty olf PPT file…
This just feels like the gaming undustry and its always conected stuff…


Hi @Aldo_Alain,
I have checked the account on your email address and its trial seems to be canceled successfully so there will be no further charges.

To answer your questions:
1 - For a situation where there is a limited internet connection, the solution can be to export your presentations in a PDF or EXE format that can be handed over to the participants.
2 - Only the desktop application needs a login, an exported presentation can be played without any other application being installed on your computer.
3 - Your trial is canceled, and your payment method will not be charged.

Hope this helps!

Please I want to cancel my FREE TRIAL version. I just tryied yesterday and don´t work for me. Embed videos in my Prezi Video presentation didn´t work, so, PLEASE REFUND my trial period $20 USD. Thank you!

Hey @David_Roman_F I’ve looked into it and it looks like you’ve been refunded for the transaction already and your subscription has been canceled :slight_smile: