[Closed] Cancelling a free Basic license trial

I cannot find the button to cancel my free trial for Prezi Next

I cannot find the button to cancel my free trial for Prezi Next.

According to our database, your license is not a trial but a free Basic account, that’s why you don’t have a cancel subscription button.

Just to double check, did you give any billing information when you signed up for your account?

I don’t think that cancelling a free trial is possible. Besides, if you cancel it then you probably won’t be able to resume your trial or start a new one later.

Dear Sirs,

I had created na account recently, and I started with a trial of Prezi Next and my license is Basic. I would like to know if this means that after a month I will loose the presentations that I will build during the trial and switch to the Prezi Classic?

Thank you!

Basic accounts don’t have trial periods as they are free to all our users, your presentations will remain in your account until you decide to delete them.

Please also note that Prezi Next and Prezi Classic are completely different products, built on different technologies, so your presentations and your license will never convert to Prezi Classic.


I would like to cancel my Basic Prezi Next account but I cannot find any button to do that. I would like to cancel it before the free version turns into a paid one. Can you please confirm how to proceed?

Thank you in advance,

Based on our database, you have a Basic license which is free of charge, meaning that you can keep using it without paying.

Thank you for your response. The condition to use the free license was that it would turn to a paid one 1 month after subscribing to it. Is there antyhing I should do to prevent this from happening? I don’t want to have an account anymore and thus don’t want to be charged.
Thank you, Anoucheh
-----------------------------Anoucheh KhanbabaĂŻ

The plan you eventually chose (Basic) never turns into a subscription as it is a free license. You don’t have to do anything in order to keep using it for free.

You can also delete your account if you think you won’t use it again.

I am in the prezi next trial period and want to cancel my subscription before it turns into a paid one on Nov 27th. I found the button, but when I press it, nothing happens. Can you help me?

Hello., @Karlotta_Kilias. I have checked your account and I can confirm that you have successfully canceled the subscription.

Thank you so much Lana!! Have a good day!

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Hey !! :slight_smile:
Can you please check If I cancelled my trial version too? I don’t want to pay 271€

Hi, @Angelika_Reinhardt. Yes, it is canceled.

But should i have to pay ?

@Angelika_Reinhardt as your subscription has been canceled, your card will not be charged.