[Closed] Can't find Prezi Classic for a new member

Can a new user change to classic? I cannot find a way to classic as a new member.

With my old account its work.
In prezi next I also miss an empty template.

Hi Max!

If you got your license from yesterday (25th) then unfortunately they will not be able to access Prezi Classic. If you’re an existing user you will have access to Next and Classic as long as you keep your subscription and don’t let it expire!

Hope that helps!



P.s. I miss them to :wink:


Luke is right, creating a new Prezi Classic account is no longer possible, I’m afraid. Although you cannot create new presentations in Prezi Classic with a Prezi Next license, you can still share and collaborate with your teammates, in case they have Prezi Classic accounts and share presentations with you for editing --and you can also invite your teammates to collaborate on Prezi Next presentations.

As for an empty template, although you cannot start a blank presentation by default, you can still easily start your presentation from scratch by deleting the template content and start adding topics, colors, etc.


I want to work with Classic Prezi but when i create a count i don’thave choic… I can only use Prezi Next. Why ? I don(t understand !!!

It’s no longer possible to create a Prezi Classic account for new signups. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I´m new in Prezi, in fact, yesterday I created my account. I only can access to prezi next. Is there a way to change to prezi classic, the upper tab is unable.



New subscriptions do not have access to Classic as far as I have been told and found.

Prezi Classic is no longer avaiable for free acces?

Hi @Luiz_Pantaleao!

If you had an account before the launch of Prezi Next you’ll still have access even on a free account. if you signed up after the launch, Prezi Classic is no longer available to new account holders.

Hello, I’m new to Prezi but only have access to Prezi Next, the Help pages state that I should be able to change between versions but choices are not visible to me.
Further I cannot use Prezi Classic through the desktop app…
What’s going on? The Prezi Next keeps asking for subscriptions for any but the most limited functions…

I am under the understanding that if you signed up for Next and did not have Classic, you cannot have Classic. It is only available to those who already had Prezi. Sorry.

Thanks for the reply, this seems strange though making all use paid. I am preparing a presentation that will be the last using Prezi as it is…

@Gudmundur_Johannesso Prezi Next offers a free, Basic license, the same way as we offered the free, Public license in Prezi Classic.

The desktop application indeed requires a paying license, Edu Pro in Classic or Edu Plus in Next.

The free Prezi Next is just too limited for me;

  • limited formatting options
  • cannot download an overview pdf etc., cannot print each ‘slide’ for support when presenting
  • have no control over privacy of my presentation
  • not able to download data etc. I use in my presentation
    Overall the free version is too limited and not powerful enough for my needs and likings.
    My two cents, thanks for the reply

All I want to do is start a blank Prezi without the animation and Overview Zoom all the time from the template options in Prezi Next.

Does anyone know how I can actually get Prezi Classic? All the web links and promos of Prezi online, just go to Prezi Next.

I can actually flick in between Prezi Classic and Prezi Next in my online account, but I can only view a presentation in Prezi Classic that an agency produced for me last year. Not edit or adapt.

Please help.

It’s no longer possible to create Prezi Classic accounts with creation possibility. You can still edit and collaborate Classic presentations that are shared with you, but you no longer will be able to create new ones.

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WHY? are you crazy?! same payment for prezi next which is actually worse then classic? you cannot do couple of important things which were able in classic? why it is not possible? reason…give me reason. becouse prezi next does give nothing but payment is same so tell me.


There is any chance to get to Prezi Classic or to download the presentation with the Prezi Next with out to pay?

Thank you


@Zaira_Garrido it’s not possible to register for a Prezi Classic account for new signups, I’m afraid, but please check my answer above the collaboration possibilities with our old platform.

As for downloading a presentation in Prezi Next, it’s only available with a Plus/Edu Plus license for the time being.