[Closed] Captions/subtitles

How do you add captions/subtitles to the video as the words are being spoken?

Hello @Sue_Beaton, currently it’s not possible to add subtitles to the video, we will forward this feedback to our Product team, but there is an auto-generated audio transcript in each video, you can check how it looks in this example :slight_smile:

Hello Catarina, does not it possible to add subtitles to the video Still ??


Hi @Pablo_Porras, it is currently not possible to add custom subtitles to your video but an auto-generated one is available.

Hello bart, how is that auto-generated ? you mean that subtitles will appear automatically while you are presenting a video?

Hi @Pablo_Porras, in case you have a Prezi Video recording an auto-generated caption will be added to the video.
This does not work when you are presenting live.

Thank you @Bart but how how do I It? I don’t see on the video the option. Thank you Bart!

Hi @Magali_PORTIER, please note that it takes some time until the captions are generated. This only happens if your video is longer than 30 seconds.

Hope this helps!