[Closed] Change screen aspect ratio

It appears that the Prezi Next templates are designed for 16:9 screen resolution/aspect ratio. Can we still work in 4:3? If so, how do we change from one to the other?


Currently, it’s not possible to change the aspect ratio in Prezi Next. I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause you!

I don’t know if you’d call it an inconvenience but it does mean we won’t be using prezi next because our video projector is 4:3. But thanks for letting me know.


We’d be sorry to see you leave. For now, we will pass your request on to our Product Managers who decide whether this feature will be implemented in the future.

Ok, thanks. I should have clarified, we’d still use prezi classic. But I do
like some of the features I’m seeing in Next, so please do pass along the

It would definitely be a huge plus to be able to chose between 4:3 and 16:9, as in Prezi Classic. As an academic, I mostly present on 4:3 screens, since many institutions are (still?) using this ratio. I hope this can be implemented into Prezi Next at some point…


I second the request to allow Next to switch between aspect ratios. Many workshops and business meetings still use 4:3 and I prefer the flow of Next over Classic.


How can i change the format in Prezi Next?? In Classic we can change on settings…but Next? Thanks!

Next is only in 16:9 format. Only Classic has both. It would be nice to have that option in Next though.

Could you please indicate the possible extensions of the downloadable PDF format? Becausre now it’s look not good (not as in clasic pezi)

Could you please share more details on what you don’t like about the exported PDF files?

Early you can choose the size of the upload 16: 9 or 4: 3. Now, unfortunately, I do not see an accent of fiction. Can you help, where to choose the characteristics?

Currently, it’s not possible to change the ratio, I’m afraid. I am sorry for any inconvenience it may cause.


I need to change my display proportion to 9:16 or disable display proportion like in Prezi Classic

some light in the darkness?

@PMC currently it’s not possible, I’m afraid, but I merged your question into the thread with this feature request.

Is there a way to change the viewing area ratio? Like instead of displaying widescreen change it so that it is more square?
I am presenting from an iPad mirrored to an apple TV on a projector and it makes the font too small.

@Christopher_Gray what you’re trying to achieve is currently not possible, I’m afraid, but I merged your request to the relevant thread, we’ll update it with any news concerning this feature.

We have a kiosk screen that is vertical instead of the normal horizontal orientation. Can I make presentations vertically? Otherwise I would not be using the whole screen capacity.

It would not be possible as the aspect ratio in Prezi Next is 16:9.

Couldn’t you technically create the presentation in 16:9 but have everything rotated at 90 degrees, so when you view on a “normal” horizontal monitor you’d need to turn your head, but when viewed on the vertical monitor it would look OK? Might be a bit of a pain to create & edit, but still a possibility I believe. I think it depends on if you can force the vertical monitor to keep the presentation within the full screen, though (like how mobile phones sometimes auto-rotate photos when you really don’t want them to)… I say give it a try & let the group know if it works or not!

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