[Closed] Color Picker Eyedropper on Windows?

In a new video tutorial series, the Prezi YouTube channel features David Hooker going through various stages of building a “prezume” … The series is very helpful, but I seem to be missing a critical feature. The eyedropper tool he shows when choosing a background color does not seem to be an option in either my desktop editor (version 1.6.16_64 bit) or in Chrome. I’m using Windows 10. Is there an update pending perhaps, or is is another instance of Mac vs. PC difference?

It’s shown here as well & my window/menu looks quite different.

Yes, the visuals and color picker can look differently for Mac and Windows applications. Here is a screencast I took using the Windows version:


The color picker is based on the operating system’s built-in color picker tool, therefore there can be differences in features depending on your operating system. Sorry for the confusion!

Yeah, that’s what I’m used to seeing exactly. Any chance there would be a way to incorporate an eyedropper-like tool in the Windows version? I really liked the idea of being able to quickly choose a color that matches the background image perfectly. I can certainly get it pretty close manually, or I can do a slightly longer process of opening the background in a sep program like Photoshop, eydropper it there to get the hex code, and then enter it into the Prezi custom color section accordingly, but it would be really great to have it in Prezi directly if possible. Add it to my list :wink:

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@Plastic_Ingenuity it makes perfect sense! Our Product Team is aware but it’s not on the immediate roadmap right now. We’ll bring it up again and will let you know if we have any news!

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Hello Vanda,

where exactly in your roadmap is that feature?

It would be really awesome to have such an amazing feature built-in.

Thanks in advance for even considering it.

Great work!

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Hello, @Pedro_Godoi. Unfortunately, we are not able to give you an update right now but as soon as there is news, we’ll make sure to post it here.

So, to be clear (for me anyway):

For Windows users (even Premium customers), the color picker doesn’t include a dropper selector (or any capability to select colors external to the color palette dialog box), but for Mac users (even for Free customers?), the color picker does have a dropper with the very useful capability to select colors external to the color palette dialog box?

@Derek_Reinhard The colour picker is only available on Mac computers because it is a built-in tool in Mac while the same function is not available on Windows devices.

As a workaround, we can recommend you to create a screenshot of your presentation overview, open it in Paint and with the colour picker there, find the colour codes you need that you can then add to your colour palette in Prezi.

Yeah, this bums me out as a die-hard Windows PC user. I’d still love to see if Prezi can somehow include a color picker within their program instead, giving all users the chance to experience. Please keep in your considerations; it would be REALLY nice!! I’m one of those picky people who wants & appreciates exact matches when possible, not to mention it’s actually quite critical when using strict brand colors.

We can totally relate to appreciating exact matching colours, we understand it could be a very useful option for the PC users.

For now we can suggest using third party options, such as this one or this one.

Adding an update to this, for anyone interested: The color choice eyedropper is still not available in the desktop version on PCs …BUT (I’m guessing it has been there for quite awhile? but I’m a die-hard app user & didn’t realize) there IS one if I use the online Chrome version on my PC.

I’m piping in here because (for the time being) I’m somewhat discouraged with the new topic/subtopic editing features and needing to swap PDFs for shapes, & vice versa, to create perfectly matched colors within a presentation. The fact that the eyedropper is an option if I’m online does help mitigate. Wanted others to know as well.

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