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We have been working really hard on a prezi and suddenly the overview was no longer visible, we can jump to individual topics and subtopics but the overview isn’t visible. I have tried the select all option to see if there was something outside of our overview that made it shrink down and there isn’t anything I can find. Right after I tried this EVERYTHING disappeared. Please help. We have already put hours upon hours into this presentation.

I have the same problem. Since yesterday
I think we over exeeded the storage limit…
Is it possible to recover an earlier edition of this Prezi?

Hello @MDRG_CABS, I fixed the mentioned presentation, could you let us know if everything is working correctly now?

Hello @Alain_Dubois, I have reverted the presentation, could you tell me if this is the correct version?

Everything is working fine as of now! Thank you.

Hello Catarina!!! We have de same problem whit https://prezi.com/p/wnziey7yaiu8/
All presentation is ORANGE
Please, can you fix it?

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Thanks. This is the correct version.

Can you tell me where we can find how big our file already Is?



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Hello @MDRG_CABS, I am glad we could help out!

Hello @Pablo_Fiorito, we are replying to you via e-mail!

Hello, Catarina. I have the same problem, The content was accidentally deleted. Can you help me please and revert the saving from the 25th of October? This presentation is extremely important for me.

Thank you

The link - https://prezi.com/owrxoagw4cp5/edit/#218_252904964

Hello @Alain_Dubois, we don’t have a specific recommended size for presentations, but there a couple of guidelines that we can provide:

  • Avoid using more than 7 layers of subtopics;

  • Try to insert less than 200 images in your presentation;

Hello @e0cdbc869fd3e940f45e, I have reverted the presentation. Could you please check if it’s the correct version?

Hello, thank you so much. Everything is fine now

Hello @e0cdbc869fd3e940f45e, we are happy everything is resolved now!

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Hello Catarina. I have the exact same problem with this presentation:
(I don’t know if this is the link you need or the following one)

A collaborator edited the presentation 6 days ago, and I would like to go back to 4th December 2018 version, or the latest possible before the 5th December 2018.

I am the owner of the presentation.
David Talavera contacted you yesterday about the topic.
Thank you so much, I’m expecting an answer as soon as possible.

Hello @Maria_Jose_Martinez, we have reverted the presentation. Could you please check if it’s the correct version?

Hello Catarina! Yes, thanks a million.

Hello @Maria_Jose_Martinez, I’m glad we could help!