[Closed] Customizing "planets" shape? Not just circles?

Can you customize “planets” in the templates (to be an icon, square, etc) not just a circle?

Hi Jeff!

I posted a reply to another user explaining how to do this! link is;

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I am trying to change the shape of my cover from circle to square. The ‘Topic Cover Setting’ Icon isn’t available so I’m really stuck. Why can’t I see this icon?


Hi @Terri_Irvin, the topic cover options should be available to everyone. Please check this article on how to edit topic covers (and add a rectangle/triangle etc. to the cover + make the default circle transparent) and let us know if you are still stuck and send us the link of the presentation in question so we can take a look. Thanks in advance.

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Hello, I am a EDU Standard user and I also can’t find the “Topic Cover Setting” which is pretty frustrating. It seems I don’t have the same UI as in the one shown in your article.

I thought this was an option available to everyone???

Edit: to be clear, I want to be able to change the circle into a picture, as show in this gif http://support.prez.is/3q1c3f2L0q2n but I don’t have the same option as in the gif where I can check “Custom” instead of “Automatic”, how come?

Hello @Vehid_Metovic, our UI regarding editing topic covers has changed, you can check this article with more information about it.

To know how to change your circle topic cover to an image, please, check this example.

Let us know if you were able to change the cover! :slight_smile: