[Closed] Dashboard preference online: select Classic or Next on top

Wondering if there is a way to indicate my preference for which list of Prezis I’d like to have show up “on top” when I open up in my online browser? Right now whenever I log in, it defaults to Prezi Classic & those are what I see first. However, as I make more & more Next presentations, I’m finding I want to search for a Next Prezi more often than not. Is there an option to change this default so I see my Prezi Next presentations first instead? If not, maybe we could have added to the list of suggestions for future updates, please? It’s not a pressing issue, but more of a “nice to have” detail… (Simply the option to pick one vs. the other, I’m not suggesting switching for fear of inconveniencing others.)

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Thanks for the tip, @Plastic_Ingenuity, it’s a great idea. We’ll pass it on!