[Closed] Desktop app can't connect to external camera

I cannot get the desktop app to use my webcam whatsoever.

Whenever I try to use it I get this error:

I have tried following all the stops in this guide:

The webcam is a Logitech C270 HD Webcam connected via USB. I have no other video devices connected. It works perfectly well in Teams and Zoom.

I have tried using it in a different USB port.
I have tried running the app as administrator.
I have tried enabling Microphone and Camera permissions for the app and for Google Chrome via the Windows 10 ‘Security’ Settings page.

Google Chrome will access my webcam fine.

If I try to ‘Reconnect to camera’ then sometimes the activity light on my webcam flashes green briefly, then stops. Other times it does nothing.

I am using Windows 10 Version 2004 update, build 19041.264.

Is there anything else I could try?

Hello @Jonathan_Rose, thank you so much for sending those informations, we are currently having an issue when using external cameras with Prezi Video, but our developers are already working on a fix for it that will come in the next app release :slight_smile:

I would recommend you to check this thread in our Prezi Video forum, as we’ll update it as soon as the fix is out.

The windows Prezi video app doesn’t recognize my camera. - “No cameras available”
When I use the Prezi website, it recognizes the camera.

I use an external DSLR camera which is connected to a USB interface.

Can someone help?

Hello @Yan_Kugel, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Could you please check the reply above?

Hi @Catarina thank you for the reply. I look forward to using an updated version of Prezi soon.

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Hello everyone, we are very happy to announce the fix has been released in the latest update of the desktop application :tada:

If you are interested in knowing the context around the issue: Microsoft broke one of their camera handler API (that Prezi Video was using) in Windows 10 version 1903. As developers tend to lag behind non-essential updates to wait for OS manufacturers to iron out mistakes they might have made, it was cumbersome for us to reproduce the issue. As e.g. Chrome uses another Microsoft API for its camera handling, it wasn’t affected by this problem. As soon as we’ve found out that the API we were using was broken in that version, we could start working on an alternative.

We’ve implemented a similar solution to what Chrome/Chromium is using, and also introduced a fallback mechanism based on an older, more robust and more widespread API, just to be on the safe side. We are confident that this will provide a more fault-tolerant solution, and as an extra, also support virtual cameras that couldn’t be used before.

So thank you all for your patience, and we hope that this will enable you to create amazing videos in the future with the camera of your choice :slight_smile:

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This is great, thank you for the update and the explanation.


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