[Closed] Export prezi as PDF

I’d like to email my prezi to a colleague, can I export it as a PDF?

I’m afraid that isn’t possible. Would sharing the prezi by sending your colleague a view link work for you?

I did that, thanks. Would still be nice to attach as a pdf. :wink:

@maria54 In a pinch I’ve done this, maybe it will work for you too? (A couple details- I’m on a PC and I have 2 monitors.) I open the Prezi and expand to the full size of one monitor screen; on the other screen I open the Snipping Tool and proceed to save a screen capture of the Prezi. I slowly go through and do this for every topic/subtopic/zoom etc. I then combine all the saved JPG files into a single PDF using Adobe Acrobat. It’s a bit tedious, esp. for larger presentations, but it has helped when my sales team/customers simply can’t do without a handout, or as in your case, really need the tangible format to email. The live link always looks better though, so I tend to use PDFs sparingly. Best of luck!!

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Thanks @Plastic_Ingenuity for this idea.
It is ridiculous for a presentation software that you can’t even simply export to pdf.
Prezi Next looks nice but feels like a huge step back.

Especially for me as a student, there are lot of features i have to pay for now.
But for 6 presentations a year, i can’t afford the fee for edu plus.
Probably i will stay with Prezi Classic or go back to MS Powerpoint.

Sorry, @Erik_Fulop, this topic wasn’t appropriately updated.
Exporting to PDF has already been implemented in Prezi Next. More details in this help article.
Note: This is a Plus and Premium license feature.

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