[Closed] Feature Request topic

I think it would be great to have a feature request topic in the forum.

You can post any feature requests in this category. Thanks!

Its appears to be really difficult to give feedback on Prezi Next if you’re not a premium user.

You can post any request on this forum, regardless of your license type, as it’s constantly monitored by Support and Product Teams.

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Thats fine but I think feedback should be encouraged by making it easier. Having to go through another set of pages and interactions to get a forum is not convenient. I also had a better idea of what I wanted to suggest while I was working on the presentation, than I do now, after having spent the time looking for the right place to make a suggestion.

Thanks for the feedback, @Mario_Ramotar. This process will probably not change in the near future, but we’d definitely like to hear your feedback and suggestions. So please post them here, in the community, we’re listening.

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