[Closed] Feature Requests for Prezi Next - Working List

I may be the minority here but I really like Prezi Next much more compared to Prezi Classic.

However, there are a number of features missing from Prezi Next that I think would improve it a lot.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Ability to group objects (makes animating easier and helps with a number of other frustrations)

  • Scale items smaller without limit (for example: when I insert a line it will not scale shorter past a certain point. It would not be so much of an issue if it were able to scale small enough to be unable to see it but this is not the case. It stops scaling rather quickly which is very frustrating. If anyone knows a workaround for this on it’d be appreciated. Or maybe this is glitch?)

  • Change the shape of the planets/stacks (I don’t like being forced to use circles all the time, I found a workaround for this but it takes a lot more time than simply changing the shape)

  • I LOVE the custom color feature but it really needs an option that shows recently used colors and an option to save colors for future use. Also a color picker/eye dropper tool would be extremely useful or even a color wheel/slider to make customizing the colors faster and easier.

  • Vector image support (for crisp zooms)

  • Not being forced to start with the overview. (A turn on/off option would be helpful. Then if needed, the presentation can start internally and zoom out for the big reveal of the overview later).

  • A spelling/grammar checker

Thanks for considering these requests. I will add more ideas as I continue to practice in Prezi Next.


Happy that you’re enjoying Prezi Next, and thanks for your feedback. Some of the request have already been addressed in the community, you can follow their status in the respective threads:

Scaling elements: Would zooming in to the canvas to change the relative size of your line to the other objects help solve this issue?

Recently used colors: Would the presets feature perhaps partly solve this? You know you can update the presets for topics/subtopics, lines/arrows and text too.

Color wheel: Makes sense, we’ve taken note.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to give us detailed feedback, it really helps! If you’d like to continue doing so in the future, please open a separate topic for each idea so others can find it easier and also add their thoughts.

For the colors the preset feature sort of helps but isn’t a complete fix.

Scaling elements: I’ve tried lots of things including zooming into the canvas. With the regular shapes there isn’t as much of an issue but with the lines it won’t scale shorter past a certain length.

Will do separate topics in the future. Thanks!

Can you perhaps share an example where you were unable to scale a line shorter? Thanks.

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