[Closed] GIFs are low resolution

The video GIFs I added to a presentation today (2/23/22) from the desktop are very low resolution and not usable. Illustration/cartoon GIFs, and video GIFs I added to saved presentations, work fine. Still images and stamps also work fine.

Any suggestions?

Hello @Ted_McLyman, could you please elaborate on what is a video GIF exactly?
Could you share the file with me via wetransfer.com or Google Drive so I can better check on it?

You can send me a share link privately as well if you’d prefer.

i have the same Problem. in previous presentations the gifs had an excellent resolution, now they are terrible. this problem appeared since I updated prezi.

Hello @Linda_Escarcega, could you please provide me with some more information about that?

  • Do you use Windows or Mac?
  • Do you use the desktop app or the online version?
  • Could you please send a full screenshot of the issue?

I submitted information to support—the issue persists. I use a PC, the desktop app, and have the latest version installed.

I send my support request to; Eszter T. (Prezi Support) support+id1291046@prezi.zendesk.com on 2/23/22.

  1. WIndows 11, Edge
  2. I’m using the most current version of the desktop app

I send my support request to; Eszter T. (Prezi Support) support+id1291046@prezi.zendesk.com on 2/23/22.

I use GIFs in most of my presentations. Therefore, losing HD GIFs is a significant setback.

Hi @Ted_McLyman, could you please let me know what is the source of these GIFs? Are you inserting them from Prezi or you are uploading them from your computer? And what is the source of the other GIFs you are using?

All GIFs are sourced and inserted from Prezi. Only the video image files are low quality-animations work fine. I upload images and PowerPoint files from my computer, but I’ve never had issues. Also, all my old Prezi files built with your GIFs are HD and work fine.

Hi @Ted_McLyman, thanks for the details, I’m forwarding this case to our developers.

Could you also let me know what is the difference between the Video GIFs and the animations? Are you inserting animations from the Stickers section? Or are you inserting all of them from the GIFs section?

Is it possible to share one of your old PVL files and a new one saved with the low quality GIF?


I replied to your request by email.

Hi @Ted_McLyman, I don’t see your reply, where did you reply to?
Could you please reply to this conversation so we can keep it in the same place to make it easy to follow?

In the meantime, our developers are checking the issue as they could reproduce it on their end as well.


Here is a link to my Prezi Support folder Prezi Support. You’ll find a JPG, MP4, and PLV file documenting the problem. A video GIF is a short video, and an animated GIF is a cartoon. I insert images, stamps, stickers, and GIFs from the Prezi library into my presentations and videos. In addition, I also import PowerPoint and JPG files from my computer.

All media worked fine before the last update. All the Prezi media image resolutions appear degraded; however, GIFs are most evident.

I believe the problem is with the Prezi visuals library cloud function.

Thanks, @Ted_McLyman, I’ve forwarded this to our developers. We’ll update the thread once we have an update.

Any progress? All images and videos/GIFs from the Prezi resource library are low res. Therefore, Prezi is now greatly diminished and effectively useless to me. Any recommendations?

Hi @Ted_McLyman, thanks for your interest in this case, a fix for this issue should be released in the near future.

Hello everyone,

The fix for this issue should be released now in the latest version.