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In Prezi Classic, we could group items together and keep them grouped. Now, it seems you can only group items once and then after you click away the items are no longer grouped. Is there a way around this?

Currently, grouping is not possible the same way in Prezi Next as it was in Prezi Classic. I’m sorry for any inconvenience it causes!

@Vanda @Customer_Office The Next method of grouping took a moment to get used to, but I really have to say I prefer it the new way because in my Classic presentations, I would sometimes group a dozen or more items together, and then for whatever reason I needed to edit or move just one of the grouped pieces and it became a hassle to ungroup, make the change, and regroup (likely for animations purposes). And don’t get me started on groups overlapping other groups! :scream: Now in Next I group it once, assign the animation, and I can still make changes without affecting the overall presentation. The only downside, IMO, is that if I want to add an item to the larger group, I do have to redo the entire group (but it has been a minor inconvenience at most).


@Plastic_Ingenuity @Vanda It’s frustrating when you’re trying to edit content that goes together and you have to click on each individual section every time you want to change it. For instance, I created a crossword puzzle in Prezi Classic that is used in our internal newsletter - every element of the crossword puzzle is built using separate shapes that have been grouped together. Now, there’s no way to build something like that without painstakingly grouping every item, every single time.

A lot of what we use Prezi for is creating our internal newsletter, so the content amount changes week to week, that means we constantly have to adjust the size of the sections. By not being able to permanently group things, it adds way more time to the creation process, as well as way more frustration and stress.

I agree, it’s also super frustrating that you have to redo the entire animation group if you want to change something. If you add a lot of animations to a Prezi, you have go through, delete the old one and then replace the new one in the same spot. So many added steps that could - and were - easily avoidable in Prezi Classic.

It just seems like there are so many standard presentation elements that are just missing…


That newsletter sounds really fun! I’m inspired. I’d love to see it if it was something you’d be able to share… And I do hope you find a good working solution. I wonder if both ways would be possible (old & new group techniques)? The good news is you can continue in Classic at this time. (I know I know, not a long term answer.)

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I am very disappointed with Prezi next… I was charged $20 for a very poor quality of software.

I recommend you :

  • Add a select button to move icons and text around easily
  • software keeps freezing my laptop when I first access the prezi presentation… took 15 minutes to start working on it

I find prezi a waste of money. it takes so much more time than it should to prepare a presentation. it is very rigid in editing… not much flexibility and not easy to use


I am sorry if you had an unpleasant experience with Prezi Next. I will report your request about grouping objects to our responsible team.

As for the freezing laptop, could you please make sure your computer meets our system requirements? If it loads slowly, please close other programs not in use as load time mostly depends on your computer’s processing bandwidth and Internet.

I have three lines and one text box (legends) that I always want to move together.

It seems Prezi Next does not currently do grouping (apart from shift-selecting, which is temporary). I’d really like this basic feature of vector graphics tools to exist.

Existing threads:

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Thanks for the feedback, @kaupask. I’ve also moved your request to the Grouping thread so we can measure the numbers this feature request comes up on the forum. We’ll share any news here!

How to group images?

You can’t.

You can only group them temporarily by using Shift (e.g. to animate them), you will then see the blue selection box become larger to encompass all images.

So, I am trying to do what I was able to do in Classic, group images so that I can animate then all in at the same time. PLEASE tell me that this is not another function that Next cannot do!

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You can group items temporarily by holding down SHIFT and clicking the objects you’d like to group. You can then add an animation to the grouped items.

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It would be very handy if it is indeed possible to group several images, just like the old prezi.
If i’m honest i find it dissapointing that a lot of usefull functions of prezi classic are neglected in Next… shame


If ain’t broke, don’t fix it…or in this case, you’ve broken preferably acceptable functionality.
Who makes these decisions?

People will vote with their feet…

Another reason not to buy the Premium product…!:slightly_frowning_face:


Oke, it’s been a while since i’ve used prezi. But i find it sad that now more than half a year later there doesn’t seem to be any change to this topic. Only more questions why something that worked perfectly in the past just has been skipped in a new feature. Your lucky that there a lot’s of hours in my presentation so i don’t switch easily but i’m wondering more and more if prezi is the right product.

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Dear community, we’re happy to announce that our latest feature grouping is out. :tada: You can find more information about it in our latest knowledge base article.

:point_right: What is Grouping? Grouping content while editing your presentation will make it easier to modify multiple objects on the canvas at once, saving you valuable time while creating your masterpiece.

Happy grouping,
the Prezi Support team

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The new Grouping feature is welcome.

Fortunately for animation, there is a Fade In/Out for groups, but strangely the “Zoom to” feature for groups has been omitted.

A workaround is to add a zoom area and to put the group in the zoom area, but that’s silly.

Also, the “Fade in” and “Fade out” feature for groups does not work in Prezi Next 1.22 (Build 3, 64 bit)

Hi @JJ_JJ, thank you for your feedback, it’s truly valuable. We are glad you like this feature. :hugs: We agree that a Zoom to option would be really useful, we will forward this feedback to our developers.

We checked the fade in and fade out feature for groups with the same version and had no problem with it. Could you please uninstall and then install the application again? We believe it might solve the issue.

Hi guys,

Is the grouping in Prezi Next still possible only by:

  1. The temporary group (shift-select) function
  2. Adding animation (fade in,fade out) ?

I have found an article regarding it :frowning: https://support.prezi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360023667093-Grouping-your-content ), but the “group” button is missing.

Thanks for the info in advance!