[Closed] How to move subtopics freely?

how to cluster subtopics in different arrangements around the main topic (instead of that line with that 3 articulation points)

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Does this help?

thanks for reply :slight_smile:… but I didn’t mean that :wink: …yes I can shift the main topic over the background to get a balanced layout for the subtopic … but I mean the position of subtopics in relation to each other… I need to change their spatial arrangement not just to follow that arc :outbox_tray:


Subtopics can’t be removed from the arc, but you can twist and turn the arc as you wish to.

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Please make it possible to move the subtopics freely! No amount of twist and turn will arrange subtopics in, say, a 4x4 grid.


As I said in the other thread, I created “sub topics” in one by using animation of shapes and then am able to move them to where ever I want. It is more time consuming and I too would LOVE a better way to do this as you have requested, but at this time it does not seem like a priority of Prezi, so a work around has to be performed out even though it takes more time and effort.

Is there any progress on this point? Or is this something Prezi is not gonna change

@Twan_van_de_Ven it’s not on the short-term roadmap but it doesn’t mean we won’t come back to this idea at a later point. We’ll update the topic if that happens.

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+1 more for the ability to freely adjust the placement of subtopics in the future :slight_smile:

(but watch, the request afterwards, once you can move, is a tool to evenly space them along a path… I could see wanting that as well :wink: )


Can you please share the link of ur thread😍

I am not sure which threads I have commented on. There have been so many since this is an ongoing ignored problem. Our company is not sure why Prezi is not listening to this feature problem. . . .

does this work also with the topic zoom area then? for me it seems the zoom area remains fixed in size and position on the arc. no matter where I move the cover.

Sorry you encountered this issue. Could you please let us know which browser it occurred in?

Don’t think this has anything to do with the browser. I use the Prezi Next 1.7.3 Software. When trying it in Chrome, it is the same, though.

Thank you for the additional information. We will proceed to testing but I would like to confirm some details first: do I understand correctly that the issue is that you are unable to change the size of the zoom area animation?

no, not zoom area animation, but topic zoom area.

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I apologize for the confusion, I believe there was a misunderstanding. Subtopic are completely fixed on the arch and the only way to change their size is through manipulating the arc. If this does not answer your inquiry, could you please attach a screenshot or a screencast of the issue?

Hi all.

I’m right now struggling with the subtopic arc (please add a feature to place subtopics like shapes).

Is there any way to set the spacing between different subtopics and their sizes individually, independently of the arc?

So far I resort to shapes, but am trying to implement subtopics again since I need slides and not just a single planet.

If anyone has an idea please let me know :slight_smile:


@Lennart_Bock, I have merged your post into a relevant thread. Please know it is currently not possible but the feature is under discussion. Hopefully, the suggestions in this topic will be helpful for you.

Please note that the status of this feature request has been changed to PLANNED. We’ll keep you posted with any news.