[Closed] In-editor image editing

The inability to crop or rotate photos is a major pain in Prezi Next. It was very easy to do in Prezi Classic. Please bring this back, as I hate having to edit and crop photos before inserting (often imperfectly because of not knowing exactly how they’ll fit).


Thanks for the feedback, this is indeed a useful feature, we’ll forward this request to our Product Managers.

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Seriously! This is super super frustrating. I have spent all day trying to learn Prezi Next, and time and time again I feel like it comes up short. I feel caught between wanting the commenting, analytics and new template designs on Prezi Next and literally everything else on Prezi Classic. You took away everything that made Prezi Classic great and added features that would have made Prezi Classic superb - but just makes Prezi Next sub-par…

I talked so highly to all of my co-workers about the new changes, but I feel like I spoke too soon. This is really unfortunate. I wish you could tell us how quickly updates and changes were going to be made and what updates will be coming first. Maybe it would give people hope that it’s going to get better?


I couldn’t agree more. I have been using Prezi Classic for many years and thought I would give Next a go but not being able to crop and rotate images has brought my first effort to an abrupt halt. These are critical tools and I use them in Prezi Classic all the time. How could you simply leave these out when you launched Next - seems really odd to me and has ended my involvement with it. Please when launching a new product, listen to users and don’t launch it too soon as it really undermines confidence in your reputation as a business.


@Adrian_Beck @Jennifer_Karmel You can rotate freely, but I agree that a cropping tool within Prezi Next would definitely serve me well. It was also nice to have the entire image within the presentation in case I changed my mind and wanted to show more or less of whatever I was featuring, instead of loading a completely different image. :scissors:

To rotate: On my PC I have to hold Ctrl+Alt while hovering my mouse over an item’s bounding corner, then click and drag my mouse to spin to the desired angle. Voila!

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The ability to manipulate images is the point of Prezi. How is Prezi Next an improvement? It’s a giant and I mean giant step backwards. I’m very very disappointed.


I have to say I’m trying to learn Prezi Next through Lynda.com and the features it’s showing are mostly unavailable to me because it’s a Prezi Classic training which is all they have. It’s very disappointing though to see that image cropping used to be readily available in the program and now is no longer an option. This seems so basic that I really don’t understand at all why it would be removed in a new release? Please bring it back as it is vital to every day use of your program.

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How do I crop an image in Next

We currently don’t have a built-in tool to crop images but please check this topic on our forum for some useful and easy tips:

please put this on the roadmap … having to go out of Prezi to crop is very time consuming, especially when you don’t exactly know how to crop yet, sometimes you need to experiment in Prezi which crop works best … #somepeoplearebuildingbeautifulthings


Not really a reply, but I just realized I miss the entire editing tool… Not only cropping, but filters and the ability to add borders around images. I do a lot in Adobe, but sometimes it’s nice to make some simple changes while I’m working in Prezi instead of jumping in & out. So, somewhat a repeat of earlier sentiments, but I’m expanding my “request” to include more than just cropping capabilities, please. Thanks!


Melissa these are two different pieces of software, you can’t learn one with the course for the other, they are very different in underlying principle even.

In Prezi Classic, we could “crop” photos, images, etc. I don’t see that functionality in Prezi Next.

Is there a way to crop inserted photos, etc.? I know you can enlarge or reduce, but I want to be able to crop.


You need to do it before it goes into Next. You can do that via Adobe Photoshop or a program like that. . .

Thank you.

It is annoying that I now have to use a separate program for a function that was standard in Classic, but is lacking in its “Next” generation replacement. Progress?




I am hoping they will very soon. I have had to increase my prep-time considerably to make up for what Next cannot do.

Please, do.

Just adding an extra voice to say add in the crop and editing feature to images…hopefully Prezi will listen.


Any chance we can have this topic tagged please? (Planned, Not Planned, etc.) Thanks!

Done. In-editor image editing is not on our current short term roadmap, but we like the idea, understand it’s value and might come back to it soon.