[Closed] Mirrored camera

I’m drawing visual tools on a whiteboard during the prezi video recording and noticed the video input makes it to where it looks like I am writing backwards. How do i flip the video?


Hello @Meghan_Locklair, the picture is mirrored on purpose so you are able to see yourself and interact with the content :slight_smile:

Could you please send us your system specifications?

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i am teaching on a whiteboard - so I need the video to be flipped. can we do that?

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Hello @Meghan_Locklair, currently it’s not possible to flip the video in Prezi Next. Are you using a Windows or Mac computer?

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A Mac- is there a way to flip the video input on my Mac camera ?

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Hello @Meghan_Locklair, unfortunately there isn’t any way to flip the video in a Mac webcam as it’s a built-in feature.

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so there is now way to write on a whiteboard in a prezi presentation?

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Hello @Meghan_Locklair, as this is a built-in feature in cameras, it’s not possible to change it, once it’s connected to the camera settings and not Prezi Video :slight_smile: But we agree that it would be a very useful feature in case you need to display any kind of text and we are forwarding this feedback to our Product team.


Hello Catarina,

as I can see I´m not the only one who has this problem with the mirrored camera.
Your answer " this is a built-in feature in cameras" is wrong.
The camera app (win10) also use the webcam an shows the right picture.

See my comments in the prezivideo community !!!

Hello @H_Hoefelmann, could you please check our reply in the Prezi Video forum? :slight_smile:

How can I flip the image while using my laptop’s camera? Right now, because the image is naturally reversed, all the the text on books and paper come out backwards (mirrored). How can I fix that?

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Hey @Sean_McDaniel I’ve merged your question to the relevant thread :slight_smile:

This is not possible as of yet in Prezi Video, however it is on our roadmap and will be available soon! We’ll keep everyone updated once it’s available :slight_smile:

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On ZOOM, SKYPE and many other apps the mirror feature is a simple option in preferences. Luckily (like many others I’m sure) I’ve checked this forum BEFORE upgrading to the app for offline editing. I won’t be giving you more money until this feature is implemented.

I’m sure it is on the roadmap - but until it is implemented I won’t be upgrading

Hello @Ian_Francis, we understand the need for this feature and as my colleague @Sam mentioned previously, we will let you know as soon this is released :slight_smile:

I have the same Problem. I tried to go live on microsoft teams, but the prezi video is mirroed on teams. Do I have to change some settings? On teams? on Prezi video?


Hi @Pietro_Rossi, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.
The video image is mirrored on your end by default on videoconferencing tools. It should be fine on the receiving end so your audience should not see your video mirrored.
I would recommend you check the video and the content in the Prezi Video window as that is where you can control the presentation as well.
Hope this helps!

To my knowledge, it cannot be done yet.

Hopefully soon! This is a basic feature in Zoom that requires clicking one button whether to mirror or not. But it makes sense I guess since Prezi is focused on the presentation part of it not the videoing of one’s self at a white board per se. Great program though!

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Hello @Corey_McLaughlin, thank you so much for your feedback, this feature is currently being developed and it will be available soon in Prezi Video :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, the mirror feature has been released in the latest version of the Prezi Video app for Mac :tada:

It will soon be available in all the platforms, we’ll keep you updated in this thread!