[Closed] Pause recording button

Where is the pause recording button?

I would like to take a break think on about what I want to say and than move on to the next slide.
It’s now one take or nothing. One stupid mistake at slide 20 ruins the first 19.
Please give me a pause button!

Is this on the roadmap?

I hope it will arrive quickly, feel the need to go back to good ol’ PowerPoint record slide (less fun than prezi, but with pause function)

Hey @Tim_Jonker this feature is not yet available however it is on our roadmap and will be available soon, we’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:

Until then as a workaround we suggest to edit the take after it’s done to remove any unwanted parts.

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I have to agree, there is a need for a pause feature. I have been using panopto and it too has a pause function which I regularly need to use.

Hey everyone, we are happy to announce that the Pause recording feature is out for the Windows Desktop app currently and will be available for Mac OS as well soon!

Hello everyone, we are happy to announce this feature is now available in the online editor, and in both applications :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m middle of the recording of my presentation and need to pause. How to?

Hi @Md_Mortuza_Imam_Shiblee, pausing the recording is not possible yet, but our developers are working on this feature already. :slight_smile:

Hello dear,
This is the most important function while recording. Just think, you are very near to ending your recording but you somehow missed something; means you have to start recording again from beginning to end. So, you should add this function to make the Prezi more professional.

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Hi all
so glad I found this thread, as I was thinking the very same thing!! I often get 2/3 of a way through recording, make a mistake and have to start all over again!! :triumph:
This was so frustrating, but when recording the other day I noticed a pause button had magically appeared! :partying_face: I hope it is here to stay
All we need next Prezi Video is a rewind button while recording!!
From a loooong time Prezi User

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Hello @Natalie_Alleyne, we’re glad you like the new Pause button in Prezi Video, and it’s here to stay :slight_smile: You can check more details about it in this article.

Thanks for sharing the recommendation about the Rewind button, we will forward it to our Product team!

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Looking forward to the launch of the rewind button!!!

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