[Closed] Prezi & GoToMeeting

I have to do a Webinar. Are Prezi Next and GoToMeeting compatible? If so, what do I need to do? Thank you in advance.

Hi! I would suggest sharing your screen when presenting. Please visit this page to learn how you can share your screen using GoToMeeting.

FYI this will work in any webinar/meeting app such as Zoom, Webex, and Join.me. While you are sharing your screen with the participants, present the prezi on screen as you normally do. They will see what ever you do. They won’t be able to control the prezi unless you enable them to control your screen - not all apps have this feature.

The only app I have had difficulty with is Adobe Connect. Prezi will not run in an Adobe Connect Room. Don’t try to put the Prezi link in the room. Instead you need to share your desktop.

Hope this helps,

Robin, Independent Prezi Consultant at TeachmePrezi.com


As an update, I did the webinar on GotoMeeting. I shared my screen and had zero issues. You just need to understand going in that what audience is seeing is slightly delayed compared to what you are seeing. The PowerPoint speakers had the same issue.

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Hi, I just used Prezi for my GotoMeeting webinar. Only problem I had was I could not make my second presenter (in a different office) have the control of the screen. I know it is possible with Powerpoint but is there a limitation because I’m using Prezi?

Hello @Minyoung_Ohm, could you please give us some more details on how that feature in GotoMeeting works so we can investigate it? :slight_smile: