[Closed] Prezi Next wont Install, the install fails at the initializing

Good evening,

I am looking for a bit of help, i have a presentation tomorrow and Prezi next desktop app will not install. I have used it previously but formatted the computer a while ago and have just tried to install prezi next app.

It goes through the process etc its saying its initializing then dissapears and does not install.

I have removed all antivirus software etc.

Really stuck on this one.


I had the same problem and I solve it using the compatibility tool of windows 10…

I have the same problem on Windows 10 and the compatibility tool didn’t help.
Any advice?



I had the same problem. and found a workaround
as a last resort, i closed the firewall and antivirus. it worked, and i could install the prezi next.

I reactivated them directly after installing, and the app seems to be working fine.
only disabling the firewall wasn’t working.

i’m using Avira free. but this shouldn’t be relevant.
good luck

Hey all,

thank you for reporting is, our responsible Desktop team is looking into the issue. Sorry for this inconvenience, we’ll update this post once they let us know why it occurs.

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Could you, as a start, try these suggestions?

  1. Try to uninstall, reinstall and then restart the application.
  2. Disable the antivirus software running on your computer.

Please let us know if any of these suggestions help.


same issue installing here; it goes through the process etc its saying its initializing then dissapears and does not install.

OS: Windows 10 x64 - 1709
Antivirus is Windows Defender

This is in an enterprise environment, there is no option to disable antivirus to install, please provide another fix.

Error message in eventlog is Attached

I am having the same issue, I have tried on 2 PC’s (both Windows 10) and it closes after “initializing”.

I have tried:

  • Ruining as admin
  • Turning off Firewall
  • Turning off Windows AV (I don’t have any others)

I have a presentation tomorrow that I need to access offline so am now panicking!

Please help!

Just finished talking to live chat, its the latest version that’s causing the issues, they suggested this version:

[link removed for moderation purposes]

This has worked for me.


Perfect, both the x86 and x64 of version is working for me too.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

Glad to see it is not a localised problem with just myself.

Since my original post i tried installing on two other machines with no success. I removed all antivirus disabled windows defender etc and still no success.

Live chat was pointless got told to restart my machine, disable antivirus etc which i had already tried.

I had to use the online version for my presentation which was problematic due to buffering of images etc so not very happy with the fact i have paid the months subscription to do a presentation where i had to use the free option anyway. How do i find out about a refund as my presentation is done now and have no plans for anymore in the next 6 months.

This tool never worked for me either.

Great unfortunately a bit late for me now!!!

We’re very sorry if it caused any issues for you. Indeed, our Desktop Team suggests downloading the latest version from our website here, it should fix this issue. Let us know if you experience differently.

I’m still failed to install…:frowning:

@rudy_lu I just sent you a PM.

Good morning to everyone,
is one week that i m trying to install the prezi next app. but every time launhed the file exe the installation crash. i have windows 7 64bit

Hi, @lorenzo_salomone. Could you please make sure your machine matches the
system requirements?

Hi. thank for the support. yes i checked them and therse couldn t be conflicts whit system requirements.

In that case, could you please send us detailed specifications so that we could see what could be interfering (RAM, CPU and graphics card)?