[Closed] Prezi Video Notes Mixing Up

Hi all, just recently the uploading of presenter notes is not working correctly on Windows. It will mix up the notes for the wrong slides from PowerPoint, so the notes on slide 1 in PPT will show on Frame 6. It seems like the notes are randomly brought in (as opposed to just being shifted by 5 slides).

Hi @Humor_That_Works, we’re sorry to hear that.

Could you please try to import your PPT to Prezi first with Prezi Present online, then see if the notes are imported there properly?

Could you also share the PPT with me so I can investigate on this further?
You can use wetransfer.com to send the file to me, please make sure to create a transfer link instead of sending me an email.

It seems like the notes work correctly when I upload to Prezi Present online. I just created a test, which you can find in this google shared folder both the PPT and the PVL. It looks like it is reversing the notes order (at least in this one test). I’m on version on Windows 10.

Hi @Humor_That_Works, thanks for the detailed report.
I’ve tested it on my Mac and it imports fine, but I can see on your PVL file that the notes are reversed.

I’ll forward this to our developers, until then as a workaround I would advise you to import via Prezi Present, then use that presentation in Prezi Video.

We’ll update this thread once we have any news.

This wasn’t happening on the previous version of Prezi Video for windows. Is there a place to download old versions?

Actually I was wrong on a couple of things:

  1. Now even an older version of Prezi on windows is mixing up the order of the notes (I tried on an older computer).
  2. I don’t see the notes being imported when using Prezi Present.

I know this might not be the preferred way, but for some events I simply want the slides to be a picture-in-picture view of my powerpoint slides with the notes. Unfortunately that’s not doable right now with the notes getting mixed up :confused:

Hi @Humor_That_Works, thanks for the detailed reports, I’ve forwarded this to our developers and they are working on fixing this issue. We’ll update this thread once we have any news!

Hi @Humor_That_Works, The fix for this issue should be released now, :tada: