[Closed] Referral Program has unfair terms

REFERRAL PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY. To be eligible to participate in the Referral Program as a Referrer, you must (a) be a legal resident of the United States; and (b) be 18 years old. Prezi may suspend or terminate your ability to participate in the Referral Program in its sole discretion at any time.

Why should only be a USA citizen?! Isn’t this discrimination? It is also unethical for you to only state this in the Referral Program Terms and Conditions. Please include all Prezi users in the terms and we will be happy to join this program for you. Thank you…


This is definitely a discrimination. You are quite right. That is why I also do not participate in this program and condemn Prezi for his this action!


Size ben de katılıyorum arkadaşlar. Bu gerçekten utanç verici!


Hello everyone, we apologize for this misunderstanding!

Initially, the Referral Program was tested in the USA to ensure all the functions worked correctly, and it’s now available globally :earth_africa:

We have also updated the Terms and Conditions to reflect this, so thank you so much for raising awareness for that.

Please, feel free to check more details on how to participate in the program here.


The information below states that this program ends earlier for educators. Why is it that way? Isn’t that unfair? It will not be a problem if there are two independent lists, but if they are competing in these unequal conditions, it would be really unfair. Can you give detailed information?

Starting with September 2020 until the end of November 2020 for educators and the end of December for all other users, everyone will have the option to invite others directly from their Prezi dashboard to participate in the referral program and offer them a free month of Prezi Plus subscription.


You are saying something very correct. Education should be valued more than other fields and given more importance to it. I don’t work in education but I really respect them too much. I think they should be kept apart in this race. Educators must do great things with their teams! #education


Hello community, we apologize for the confusion this may have caused.

There are in fact 2 parallel, separate referral programs running: one is for Educators and the other for non-Educators.

The first program runs until the end of November, and the second one runs till the end of December. They are tracked and ranked separately.

If you have any further questions, please, feel free to reach out to us!


Hello, will you only give the below-mentioned t-shirt award to USA citizens? You should also give Prezi T-shirts to everyone. Please activate this award for the whole world and make us happy. :tshirt::blush: :slight_smile:

"If five of your referrals sign up via your personal link, you’ll get an exclusive Prezi t-shirt (only applicable in the US)"

Hello @hopo_xixe, thanks for writing to us and for taking part in the Referral Program!

Currently, due to logistical reasons, we had to make a decision to only do the t-shirts in the US.

I’ve passed on your message to the relevant team and will update you if the situation changes :slight_smile:

Why Prezi is not announcing the winners of the referral program?

Hello @Bartman_Barrientos, all the winners will be contacted directly by our team :slight_smile:

How about the non-winner who contributed the referral program? Wouldnt prezi thank them for their efforts?

How will prezi be transparent to the world that the winners are “non robots”?

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Because if prezi could not show that transparency then some people will brand prezi as “dishonest”…!

@Bartman_Barrientos you should have received an e-mail from our team regarding the closure of the program :slight_smile: Could you please check your inbox?

I want to know when we can know the winners?
And also I wish you Prezi team to investigate if they invite real people and not robots!
Cause these numbers like 8000 and 9000 are very huge numbers to invite.

Also even if we didn’t win I hope we can receive an email about it, so we won’t wait anymore.

Thank you.

Hello @Aysha_Kanaan, every winner will be directly contacted by our team, and a very thorough investigation was made in order to determine the winners :slight_smile:

You should also have received by now an e-mail relative to the closure of the program, have you received it?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Yes I received it, I though the winner didn’t receive the email yet.

Congratulations to the winners. And thank you Prezi.

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