[Closed] Remote clicker not working with Chromebooks

I saw that users were having trouble getting remote clickers to work in the Prezi app for Macs. I am having the exact same issue but on a chromebook. The clicker is a Logitech R400 and it works on every other app except when I try to present from the Prezi app. If I load my Prezi in chrome the clicker works fine. I am using Prezi Next and have the most current android app as of 6/21/18.

Hello, @Michele_Selvage. We’d be happy to look into this. Could you please provide more information?

Could you please let us know the exact specifications of your laptop?

Also, could you please confirm that with the Prezi desktop app on your Chromebook neither the clicker (Logitech R400), nor the Prezi Viewer on your Android device work?

It is a Asus Chromebook it is running on Google Chrome OS version 66.0.3359.203. The Prezi app we are using is version 2.10.0-1377. The clicker will not work with this app but, again, will work on the website. If I try to start a remote presentation to connect with a phone it informs me that it is “Unable to Connect. The connection timed out. Try to reconnect on both your computer or this device.” The application on my phone will at least attempt to connect but the Cromebook immediately gives me the above message.

Thank you for more information. I can see that another colleague of mine has reached out via email.

Please know that these issues are most likely connected to the fact that Chromebooks are not officially supported. We monitor the requests connected to Chromebooks and we will make sure to pass the feedback on to the product team.