[Closed] Removing the Prezi Video logo

Hi, how can I record a video presentation without the Prezi Logo? Which plane should I pay for this option? Video options are never mentioned in the planes .

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Hello @Fab_Lab, currently the Prezi watermark is not removable, however as Prezi Video was released not too long ago, we are planning to include more features later on, including the ability to remove the watermark. I’ve channeled your request to our development team :slight_smile:

This is absolutely not ok. We are paying a subscription for Prezi, so why on earth can we not remove the watermark on videos? This is an extremely simple change to make for your users.

Please remove it immediately.


I agree with Taylor! I am paying a very pricey annual subscription, why should I present videos with a Prezi logo? That makes me look like someone who uses cheap/free solutions for my professional presentations.


Hello community, this feature is currently under discussion and as soon as we have any updates we will let you know :slight_smile:

I agree with the above comments, this is unacceptable, I have paid for software not to advertise your product. For advertisements, as all, I expect payment in return! I simply cannot use a video with your logo on, it is extremely unprofessional. Even if you offered payment I would refuse my business is not Prezi! How long will this take to rectify and will you be expecting to increase the subscription fee or will those on premium accounts have this added as part of their package?

This isn’t good!

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I agree, this is understandable for free accounts, but must be removable for any paid accounts - I need this resolving asap - please can you provide an update on when this will be released?

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Hello everyone, for now we aren’t able to provide a release date yet, but as soon as we have news regarding this feature we will post them here :slight_smile:


I fully agree with the above users. Please remove the watermark immediately. We pay subscription fee and we should have the software customisable for our needs. Thank you.

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For $700 per month, I am very disappointed that you are making me advertise for you - while pretending the release of this service is a value add.

Shameful. Cancelling my subscription.

Hello @carolynn_Johnson, Prezi Video is a pretty new tool and we are still developing and discussing several features within it, including the watermark removal. In addition, you are also able to use Prezi Video for free :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, we are happy to announce that this feature is now available for Plus, Edu Plus, Premium, and Business Team licenses!

How do we remove the watermark?

Hello @Yasar_Daglar, the watermark was removed automatically, could you please try to create a new video and let us know if it’s working? :slight_smile:

Hello!! Is it possible to put my own company’s watermark as it happened with Prezi Classic?
Thanks!! I love Prezi video <3

Hey @Crianza_Natural it’s not yet possible however I’ll pass this idea to our development team for further consideration :slight_smile:

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Is there any way to delete the prezi video logo when recording or doing videoconference???

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Anyone know if you can remove the prezi logo?

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