[Closed] Revert a presentation

The link to the prezi is: http://prezi.com/xl8dpodz_odr/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy

There are two boxes on the bottom named types of stimulants that are otherwise empty. The two boxes were each very full when I finished the prezi at approximately 11:30 EST, Monday the third of december. When I logged on to it today, they were entirely empty. Can the information from these boxes be recovered? I don’t want to have to rewrite them all.

Please respond as soon as possible prezi team! You can also email me at 19fossjere@bethel.k12.ct.us

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@Jeremy_Foss I reverted your presentation to an earlier date, could you check if this is the version you are looking for?

Yes! Thank you

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I have basicaly the same problem, I need to revert my presentation, is it posible? Because, today, when I was doing some changes I do not know why, my topics get all mixed. I’ve put them in order again but the sequencies get wrong and also the images, images are all mixed, but the titles of my topics are ok and the sequence also. Why this change of front image and sequence of the presentation? Is it posible to revert to my saturday version? Please, I’m a roockie in this presentations but this first one was so great and almost done, when sundenly… puff, my 2 days of work gone in seconds. Thank you.

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@Susana_Rodrigues Please let us know what the presentation’s title is and the exact time you would like to revert it to, thank in advance!

Hi Agnes, thank you for your reply but I’ve already solve the problem remaking my presentation. It was weird because my slides were in the correct order but in the presenttion they were not and the icons ( images) of topics were also mixed. I suppose the problem was sone kind of instability created by myself since I’ve change the original template. But, anyway, this problem occurs again when I was remaking the presentation. I will try to enjoy your workshop of 7jan in order to be able to expose my case and learn more Prezi. I must learn it! At the end, my presentation is quite good and I’m very happy with the final result, but for future presentations I must learn more!! Thank you for your time. Best wishes for 2019!

Agnes prezi@discoursemail.com escreveu em qua, 2/01/2019 às 09:11 :

@Susana_Rodrigues Happy to hear you are participating in the workshop and that your presentation turned out great!

It is indeed tricky to switch up the order of topics when using a premade template as it is only the topic itself that is moved, the icons/images/shapes etc. added on top of it remain in their original place (if you switch up the order in the sidebar), therefore messing up the whole structure.

Hopefully, this will all be covered in the workshop and will not cause you any frustration in the future. Happy new year and good luck with your presentation!


Is it possible to revert this presentation to before 11 am today please?


Thanks in anticipation


Hi @Phil_Stephenson, I reverted your presentation, is this the version you were looking for?

Hi. Yes that is perfect thank you

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I have a presentation I’d like to revert:
AZEK Building Products

I think whatever day comes first before December 18, 2018 should be fine


@Javier_Basilio I reverted your presentation to the requested date, could you check if this is the right version?


It doesn’t look like it actually reverted and it looks the same. It does say it was edited about 6hrs ago though.

Hello Javier, I have reverted the presentation again. Please refresh the page and open the presentation to see if this is the version you are looking for.


I lost my prezi tiitled " Microsoft teams" (https://prezi.com/ck1jmoajs6yu)
Working on this Prezi on 29 Jan at 12.40 Indian standard time

Log in account same as the one from which i am posting
Please help

Hi @Sarat_Bushan I reverted the presentation to an earlier date, could you check if this is the version you were looking for?


I was able to get my prezi back

Love… prezi for support

Thanks for all help

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I accidentally deleted all my content in a Prezi Next prezi. Here’s my link:


Can I somehow get my content back? Thanks.

Hello @Eric_Stewart, I merged your post with the relevant thread. It seems like your presentation was already reverted, could you let us know if it’s the correct version?

Thanks. I contacted your Prezi Support and they reverted my prezi successfully.