[Closed] Set a default font

How can i set fonts to be default in Prezi Next?
In the classic Prezi i could set it using Customize, but in the prezi next i can only chang the photo and coolors, not the font.
Thanks, Rami

Setting fonts as default is currently not possible in Prezi Next, I’m afraid. I’m sorry for any troubles it may cause you!

I’ll forward this request to our Product Managers!

Thanks a lot for the answer!

Have you managed to make any progress on this?

It’s a bit tiresome to have to change every instance of text to a more suitable font rather than be able to change them at a single sweep.

@Andrew_Whincup @rami_mll Have you tried to update a single instance & then follow-up with the “Update style preset” function? Here are a couple steps that might help outline (let me know if more clarification is required, but I basically chose a specific set, such as Subtitle, and changed all instances from Cooper Hewitt to Amatic in this case). You get the “Update style preset” option by right clicking when selected.



@Plastic_Ingenuity That’s perfect.

I knew there had to be a way of doing it but hadn’t considered the right click.

I’m still feeling my way round Next, so thanks for the help.