[Closed] Share your screen

I love what I am able to do with the new Prezi Video.

Is there a way I can have a live web page show in Prezi Virtual Camera. Would love to have a live web page over my shoulder so the audience can see what I am discussing. I could do a screen shot of a static page, but need the live page to be dynamically updating.


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Hello @MS4505, currently it’s not possible to share your screen while recording your video, but our development team is working on this feature :slight_smile:

As soon as it’s available, we’ll update this thread!

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That would be AWESOME. I show dynamic web pages when teaching (not just static slides/images/pages) which is, in part, why I love Prezi. Being able to share these sites in a window while teaching would be great.



Any update on this?

Hello @ashish, we’re currently developing this feature, as soon as we have any updates we’ll post it in this thread :slight_smile:

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Is there a way for me to share my screen as part of a Prezi video? For example… can the video start with me on screen and some graphics. After an intro can I share my screen to record a product demo?

Hi @Jonathan_Olshock, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Sharing your screen should be available in the newest version of the Prezi Video desktop application. You can find the Screen Share button next to your View Mode selection (Camera only, Mixed, Content only).
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

This is great. Worked fine in my quick trial.

I haven’t used Prezi in months because this wasn’t available. I can go back to it now.

I look forward to how Prezi adds flexibility and value to this feature.


Thanks SO MUCH for this awesome feature, being able to gesture AROUND the shared screen is actually pretty cool! You guys are amazing, thanks heap!! It would be even cooler to be able to resize and move around the portion of the screen that is shared, but I am already super happy!

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Hi @Christian_Mercat, thanks for the feedback, I’ll pass it along to our product team. :blush: