[Closed] Sharing presentations after cancelling the subscription


If you’re Prezi Plus user, can you send the presentations you exported to the persons not having Prezi account? Can they simply click on the presentation from the e-mail and watch it without registering to Prezi?

Also, if you cancel the Prezi Plus license or it expires and you do not renew it, can you still freely share by e-mail the presentations you previously made without editing them with persons not having Prezi account? Do the presentations remain on your account under private mode?

Thank you.

@Kouklitsa Hi, you can share your presentation as an exported file that you send to others, they just have to download this file and they will be able to open and watch it without a Prezi account.

Similarly, you can create and send a view link to others, opening these links does not require a Prezi account either.

Even when your license expires, your private presentations will remain private and you will still be able to use the view links and the exported files you previously created, you just won’t be able to edit them, unless you renew your license.

hi will others be able to open my shared link after my prezi license getting expired.
is it possible to view my prezis using the shared link after the license getting expired

@Thaya_Govzig Yes, unless you deactivate your view links, they will still be usable after your license expires, you just won’t be able to edit the presentations, but viewing them will still be possible.

Hi ! I’ve shared my presentation via links and there’s no chance we pay for prezi, although I’ve loved it.
Will my links still work when I cancel my account? Thank you!

Hello @Berta_Padilla, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Please, check @Agnes reply above:

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Thank you so much Catarina and Agnes! I’ll subscribe back eventually.

Hello @Berta_Padilla, we are glad we could help! :slight_smile:

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Just to clarify, with either the offline or portable mode presentation options I imagine that one can save a copy of their presentation so they can continue to view it interactively after their subscription is over. When it was stated above that someone can “share your presentation as an exported file” that does not just mean a pdf right? One can still have the full interactive web page experience of a Prezi shared as a downloadable file with no sharing restrictions after their subscription ends, right?

Hello @Nate_Sutton, if you cancel your subscription and the paid license expires your presentations will still remain in your account and you’ll be able to access and share them (in your online account as well as the exported presentations that you’ve downloaded). Portable presentations are standalone files (.exe for Windows and .zip for Mac that work just like the online version, keeping all the animations and transitions).

@Sara Thanks for the feedback! Since free account users can edit paid account presentations, is it legal with the EDU Plus plan (not the EDU Teams) to share account information with two or three members of my team for some class projects so that anyone can login with the paid account and make presentations (then they can work on it with their separate free accounts)? Alternatively, with the EDU Plus plan, if I buy the subscription can only I and no one else be allowed to have the login info as well as login and create presentations with the paid account?

Further, would it be legal (with EDU Plus) for a team member to just request I make a presentation, even if they don’t login to my account, then I share it with them and we can work on it online after that?

Hello @Nate_Sutton, for security and privacy reasons we recommend you not to share your login details, but you are able to collaborate with every user, so you can share your presentation with them and work together on it :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help! I would still like some clarification on my last question. I’ll rephrase the following questions as a yes or no questions, where I would please like such a yes or no answer for each. If I buy the EDU Pro plan (not the EDU Teams plan), it is legal for any collaborator that only has a free and not paid subscription to request I create presentations, which I then create and share with them so that it can be further worked on by them or I? They can also later request I perform any action as a part of the paid subscription, e.g., downloading the presentation, which I can legally do for them and share with them? Thanks!

Hello @Nate_Sutton, I will reply to your questions in several parts:

  1. Yes, you can create presentations and share them with any user, independently from the type of license they have, and both can edit the presentations;
  2. You are also able to download a presentation and share it with whom you desire, as it’s an independent file it doesn’t require to be signed up in Prezi in order to open it;

If there is anything else we can assist you with, please, feel free to reach out to us! :slight_smile:

Another user on a different account shared the start of a presentation with me. They shared with full edit capability. They have cancelled their account which will cancel effective 3/3. Will I lose this presentation at that time? or will I continue to be able to use it?

Hello @Jana_Jensen, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Although the owner of the presentation cancelled the subscription, you will still be able to edit the shared presentation :slight_smile:

We recommend you to create a copy of the presentation, so the ownership is completely transferred to you.

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Thank you!

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Hi There, thank you for the above responses and information. I have a query regarding privacy to the presentations if I cancelled my account subscription. Will my presentations be live to public if we cancelled the subscriptions. To manage this, I would consider removing and deleting my account altogether. However, I wouldn’t want to lose any of the presentations we have completed to date. Would we be able to download and share all presentations prior to cancelling the membership, then when we cancel and delete the account for privacy reasons, would we still be able to keep all our created content and share accordingly. Many thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi @Elizabeth_Potter, please note, that your existing presentations will not get public if you cancel the subscription. All the new presentation will be created as public if you decide to continue with a Basic license.

If you decide to export your presentation as a portable presentation, then you will be able to view and share them even without the account as long as you have the files.

Hope this answers your questions!

Hi there!

If I cancel my subscription, am I able to keep my presentations? Will I be able to access my presentations on another platform?