[Closed] Spell checker

I can’t find this feature anywhere in Prezi Next. Is is available?


Are any other Prezi Next users looking for this feature?


Currently, there is no spellchecker in Prezi Next. I am sorry for any inconvenience it causes.

I’ll pass your request on to the responsible team who decide about the future development of the product.


Thank you.
A spell checker is an essential feature for me. I hope this gets added soon.


@Vanda I would also find a spellchecker useful at times. :pencil2: (@MAW, yes, a good idea!)

Thank you, @Plastic_Ingenuity, we’ve taken note!

You should add a pop up on Next to alert us to it’s absence. Super inconvenient not to have it!


Hi Vanda, Prezi Classic had a spellchecker, so its extremely disappointing that prezi plus doesn’t. Especially as its a subscription service now?
I’m also puzzelled as to why none of the other spellcheckers aren’t working on there, such as grammery? This note is covered in little red squiggles (which I am choosing not to correct to make my point :wink:
I’m not confident with my spelling and it would be really embarrassing to do a presentation with a glaring spelling mistake in it. I’m going to have to check all the copy in my presentations using Word . .
Please bring back the spell checker!! Matt


Thank you, @Matt_Lyons, we’ll have a look at Grammarly, and we also pass this request on.

Thanks Vanda! Did a great presentation at a conference yesterday with Prezi - blew them away!!

Congratulations, @Matt_Lyons!

No spell check and no audio embed for Prezzi next. Please add these functions. Might have to go elsewhere.


Help ! How do you spell check

Trick question… You can’t. Yet. Status is considered “under discussion” - you can see more info under this thread:

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I’m quite amazed that this basic feature is STILL not available.
I don’t know how you can expect people to pay for presentation software that doesn’t even have this basic function.
Please make this a priority.


As @Vanda has already mentioned earlier, we indeed have taken a note and we make sure to forward all the feedback we get on this forum to the responsible teams.

It should really have been ready before the product was released. This is basic functionality …not an optional extra


Ditto to above statements - I wish I knew this before I paid for this. My fault for assuming, but come on! Even this discussion board has a spell checker!

dosit tho? :wink: not in my window…

Imagine if Microsoft released an updated version of Powerpoint with no spell checker …