[Closed] Will I have to pay if I cancel my subscription during the trial period?

Hello Prezi,
I’m wondering about a very important thing on Prezi next. After I cancel the subscription to a free trail, I won’t receive the charge that I would pay at the end of the trial period in any case, will I?? I know it’s a stupid question, but however weighty too. Thanks in advance.


That is correct, if you cancel the subscription during the trial period, there will be no charge.

I upgraded my Basic acc with a free test subscription and directly terminated. Now there is an invoice amount do I have to pay?

I have checked your account and as the free trial was canceled, there is no payment.

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Hi Prezi, same question here. I deleted my licence right after the approval, still in the trial period. I still have the amount that I have to pay and I wondered if I’ll be charged on the 20th of October 2017. Thanks in advance

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I can confirm that your subscription has been canceled.

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Hi Prezi,

Can you please confirm my account as well?


@Rachel_Lim your subscription has been successfully canceled.

Dear @Vanda,
Can you also confirm if my account was canceled?
I’m afraid. I know that I will not have to pay, but I’m insecure. See it for me, please?


@Duda_Febrone I can confirm that your subscription has been successfully cancelled as well.

Hello Prezi, I subscribed then i immediately cancelled while still in the trial period. do i still have to pay because i was just testing my card. can you please check it for me. it would be really helpful. thanks prezi.

@amni_syazwina don’t worry, your subscription was successfully canceled.

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Hey, I bought the Plus Licence of Prezi Next. The test Trial Ends on April 9th.
I just realized that this is acutally not what I wanted, so I’m going to end the subscription b e f o r e the Trial runs out. I won’t be charged then right? Or do I have to contact Prezi Support?

@Thomas_Fromherz if you cancel your trial before it expires, your card will not be charged.

As the topic have said, can i present several times in the trial period without paying while i canceled my subscription in the 13th day? I want to do that because I want to try using it for the school project and show it to my friends while practicing. If the experience is good, I will definitely pay for subscription, but I still want to try. However, I want to be ensured that i won’t be charged for presenting during the trial period and quit at the 13th day.

Don’t know if you guys understand, here’s a flow:

  1. Join the Prezi Plus (should pay after the 14th day)
  2. Present several times
  3. Quit the plan if the experience is not expected
  4. Do i need to pay?

@Chi_Lap_Cheng if you cancel your subscription before the trial period ends, your card will not be charged. You can use all the features and present as many times as you wish while you’re in the trial period.

@Vanda, just a semi related tangent.

I’d like to try Prezi Next since I am unsure whether or not a place where I will do a presentation in two days time will have proper internet connection. My question is, should I be dissatisfied with Prezi next and cancel my free trial, would I still have to pay for the yearly fee, or would I cancel it with no associated cost, as in for free?

Hi! I’ve moved your post to the relevant thread. Please see the answer to your question above:

Hello I’ve canceled my trial period before expiration date. Do I still need to submit refund request or it is ok?