[Closed] Will Prezi video support OBS Virtual camera?

I tryed to check and refresh list of web cameras, but i can’t find OBS virtual camera.
I saw the video how to use Prezi virtual camera in OBS software as source of video, but i can’t find information about using OBS virtual camera in Prezi Video software.

The main question is - where will be speaker? Behind presentation as part of backround ( more organic picture) or under Prezi presentation slides (it looks like foreign object).


Every user want’s to use their software 100%. For example for me it is question to rebuild hundreds hours of lections from Prezi classic to Prezi next+Video. Or do it at somwere else.

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Yes a similar question for me.
In OBS i set up a virtual webcam, i managed to get this camera picked up by zoom, that was easy, but this virtual camera is not found by Prezi Video.

I started with this article https://support.prezi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036562293
and the figured, if Prezi video can choose a different camera, then why not a different virtual camera created by OBS or any other virtual camera.
But this doesn’t seem to work (on Windows).

Any thoughts on why Prezi video (desktop app) won’t find my OBS virtual camera?


I also tried it on Mac by the way, with the app Camtwist. Zoom finds this virtual camera, but Prezi video doesn’t.

By the way Prezi, if this is an easy thing for your roadmap, it could actually temporarily solve the lack of being able to play video’s in Prezi video.
We could play them through the OBS app in the background and at the same time put an empty slide in Prezi video or hide the slides temporarily!

I is half of solving proplem.
For me is nessesery online prezentation. And video can be. But i have to use logitech chromakey (it is poor)

I also want to use the OBS virtual camera as a source in Prezi.

My ideal solution is the following chain:

  1. OBS for the chroma key and other features.
  2. A virtual camera from OBS into Prezi.
  3. Virtual camera output from Prezi into Zoom
  4. Zoom conference

I cannot find the OBS virtual camera in the list of available cameras inside Prezi

Hey everyone, this is a feature we are working to support, and it will likely be available in a soon-to-be future release!

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Hello Sam. Any update on this?

Hello @Brandon_Richards, it’s already possible to use the OBS virtual camera with Prezi Video, please check this article for more details :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply. However, i want to use the OBS virtual camera as the video input to Prezi Live, not bring a recorded prezi video into OBS. The reason is that I want to be able to swap what camera that is being used in Prezi Live and want to do it quickly via OBS.

@Brandon_Richards thanks for the explanation, but currently the video input has to come from Prezi Video, and after, if you wish, you’re able to do some changes to it through OBS :slight_smile:

@Catarina do you know if any progress has been made that @Sam mentioned above? Or do you know if there is a hot key to quickly swap the video input in Prezi?

Hello @Brandon_Richards, what @Sam mentioned was relative to the current Prezi Video integration with OBS, but we have forwarded your feedback to our Product team and it’s currently under discussion!

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Streamlabs OBS seems to be recognized on Prezi Video. You can use streamlabs virtual camera and add a chromakey filter to use a green screen.

Best of luck!

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This new OBS source works great for me, except there seems to be a problem with it. Every few seconds, the camera source will flicker. It seems to only be a problem with OBS. I have tried other virtual camera sources and it doesn’t happen. Also, the flicker is only in Prezi Video. In OBS itself, the camera is not flickering.

Hi @mr_lee, could you please specify where the camera flickers? It is happening inside Prezi Video? Are you on Windows or Mac system?

I confirm that the new OBS source works great

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