Collaborators DID NOT receive my invite


I sent 2 invites to coworkers that have a Press account, and made a test with another personal address that belongs to myself. No email received in any account, the collaborators appear as added by me (the owner) but they cannot edit.


@Andrea_Velazquez Could you provide me with the link of the presentation in question so I can check if there are any collaborators added to it?

Please make sure that you add these users as collaborators with edit rights as there is an option too to only grant them viewing rights and this is what might have happened in this case.


Here the link

They are set up with edit rights. Thanks


@Andrea_Velazquez As mentioned in our messaging on Facebook, I tested the accounts and was able to see the presentation in question on their dashboards. Could you ask them to try again? Thanks in advance.


Oh, Thanks! Let’s follow up here. As I said, they never received an email to join as collaborators. How can they edit? just opening the link of the presentation and login in?


Sorry for the inconvenience, the emails might have been blocked or gone to the Spam folder.
However, the collaborators only have to log into their Prezi account now and they will see this presentation on their dashboard and they will also be able to make a copy of it and edit it as long as you don’t revoke their editing rights.


It works now, Thank you very much!