Colors won't load


I have this error!


In INSERT ICONS ETC cannot be chosen!

PLZ help

Hello @sasha_ananyeva, could you please send me the view link to this presentation? Please also send me what browser and/or which desktop app version are you using. :slight_smile:

I get this most of the time with either no or a slow internet connection. The error appears when I first open a Prezi Next and goes away as soon as the Prezi fully loads in the editor. It’s an annoying message that I have learned to ignore.

Even though the error message says “Please try again”, I simply hit close and wait a few seconds and it appears to resolve itself.

This happens with Prezi desktop for Windows.

It workds already. Thanks!

Oh… I see… That also worked for me, after I rebooted the prezi few times. Thank you!