Commercial Usage/Copyright

Hi Prezi,

I would like to know if I can use your services (Standard Package) to create presentations and use them commercially on Udemy and other websites.

Is it legit or not?

The reason I’m asking this is due to the following, not understandable lines:

“Except as expressly provided in this Agreement or our Trademark and Brand Usage Policy, or otherwise permitted by law, no Prezi Content may be used, copied, reproduced, modified, republished, uploaded, posted, publicly displayed, publicly performed, publicly performed by means of a digital audio transmission, encoded, translated, transmitted, or distributed in any way to any other computer, server, website, or any other medium for publication or distribution or for any commercial enterprise or purpose, without Prezi’s express prior written consent.”

Please tell me if after creating the presentation (with all my images and by using your text etc) - Do I own the license and other rights to use it however I please.
Maybe I don’t have the rights to use it commercially or under some restrictions like adding Prezi Logo or something like this… I don’t know. Please assist. Thanks in advance!

Hello, @Jim_Lessly.

[#1] Feel free to use media such as screenshots of UI elements, tutorial videos, etc., as long as:

  1. You clearly note that all media is used with permission from Prezi Inc. by inserting the phrase:
    “Used with permission from Prezi Inc.” alongside any media.

  2. You represent elements accurately. Please refer to our Press Kit for more information on how to do so.

[#2] When you add images or other content to your presentation, you need to have the proper usage rights beforehand. Using the open, or “rights free”, content from popular search engines (Unsplash) is not always a guarantee that the content is copyright free. If you wish to be certain that you are not violating any Intellectual Property rights, we suggest only using content you personally create, or to which you own an appropriate license.

You can use your presentations for commercial use. Be sure to cite as instructed on #1 and be sure you have the image rights to use, as described in #2.

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I have one question about commercial. I am student and employee of goverment unit. I was using prezi for education by basic version.

Am i able to use prezi for commercial use but not to gain any money or advertising. Just to show off some proposition for one person? Of course I would add information about permission of prezi inc.
I am glad to get your permission.

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Hi. I am working at a technology company.
I would like to make a commercial video of our technology.
Considering recording Prezi screen show by myself and I will insert it to my tech video.
Can I use prezi for this purpose with Free Version?

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Hello community,

I’m working at a Tech Company and would like to use prezi to prepare some presentations for workshops in our company. Is it possible to use the Prezi Plus package for this purpose or do I need the premium package?

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Good day,

I want to know if I can use the Icons and Backgrounds which are available to me by being a Prezi Next User to create commercial Prezis. Are there other things to be aware of if I want to use Prezi to make money?

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i am newbie. I have chanell on YouTube. At this time this is small chanell (smaller than 1k subs). I have questiion.
Can i upload video with presentation from Prezi (free verion) and in future get money from Youtube monetization (if in future i have above 1k sub).?
Can i do it with free version? If no what i need?

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I would like to use prezi presentations on a external website (for a training) for commercial purpose. Is it allowed? What are the restrictions and must-do’s? Thank you.

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Hi i would like to know for education license, charge 3/month
may i know can i reuse this produced-content of my own to sell my program?
do i need to pay any royatty upon selling my educational program which deisng/produced with prezi education

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Hello Prezi team,

I did not know that a prezi program could be used to teach. Or can you train many people?

I am starting to create some Project management On line courses.

If I want to buy prezi Standard, can I create teaching slides for my business?

I will not have any problems with Copyright.

Best regards,

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Hello to All,

I’m new in Prezi. I want to make a Presentation in Prezi then upload it to Youtube. My question: are there rules or regulations from Prezi side regarding Youtube Monetization?

Can I monetize in youtube? Will be there fees and commissions which I need to share with Prezi etc etc.

If it is allowed, at what Pricing Plan I am able to do it?

Thanks in advance

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