Compatibility with Macbook Apple M1 processor (Big Sur)

Can’t create or editing with desktop app on MacBook Pro based on Apple M1 processor and Big Sur.

It looks not compatible with the new graphic chip on M1 Apple processor.
Any suggestion?

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Hello @Fabio_Riva, we’re currently developing the compatibility between Prezi apps and the new computers with the M1 chip.

Let us know if we can assist with anything right now.

Installed perzi desktop app on my mac mini with the m1 chip, but I could not edit my presentation.
On macos 11.1

Hello @ltxlouis, could you please send us the system requirements of your computer?

prezi next version 1.48.0(26934)
macOS Big Sur Version 11.1(20C69)
Mac mini (M1, 2020)
Chip Apple M1
Memory 16GB

What’s the title of the presentation you’re trying to edit?

“Getting started”. I tried them all, none worked

@ltxlouis and if you try to edit through the browser, same message shows up? Are you able to create a presentation from there?

Editing on the browser works fine. I tried creating a new presentation through the browser, then tried to edit it in the desktop app, did not work.

Thanks a lot for the information @ltxlouis, we’re currently experiencing some compatibility issues with this new CPU update, and our development team is working hard to find a resolution for it.

Meanwhile, you can keep using your browser for editing.

Once we have any news, we’ll update this thread!

I have yet to update to big sur and i’m running the intel version, will updating to big sur gives me the same issue as above? many thanks for your input

Hi @ee_piew_yap, are you having the intel version of the new Macbook with the above-mentioned processor? Could you please specify the exact Macbook model you are having?

Hi Bart, I am having MacBook Pro 2017 version running on intel chip ya. I currently running on mojave and would like to upgrade to big sur but worried that prezi app wouldnt work with big sur…appreciate your advice Bart

Hi @ee_piew_yap, we are currently unaware of any compatibility issues with the Prezi app on Big Sur operating system with older Macbook devices.

Dear Prezi Team! just to add to the conversation that the prezi video app does not allow you to present properly with the Zoom video conferencing integration with the Macbook pro M1 chip running Big Sur. Looking forward for that update and thanks for the work!


Hello @Juan_David_Garzon, thanks a lot for sharing your experience, we’ll let our development team know about this as well!

I also am having serious problems using prezi video with MacBook Pro M1. When I try to link to Zoom, if I start the meeting within Prezi the Zoom windows (for myself, as well as other people on call) appear solid pink. If I start a separate Zoom, the “prezi camera” does not appear in video settings camera options.

Never had these issues with my prior computer.




@Tim_Pollock thanks for sharing these informations with us, we’ll forward it to our development team, and hopefully very soon we’ll have more developments on this!

Same here:

No way to edit or create new presentations on Next Deskptop app.
Even much more grave: No way to present online Live!
The Prezi Virtual Camera simply does not work on Apple M1
Please Please Please solve this ASAP is really critical.

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