Compatibility with Macbook Apple M1 processor (Big Sur)

The least you can do, is to warn M1 users about this issue before they suscribe.
I wish someone would have warned me.


Would be great to let us know when will this trouble be solved (a date, maybe?). If I knew I need to use only internet browser to make Prezi slides, I wouldn’t have subscribed. To some of us who use Prezi on daily basis for work, it is very inconvenient.

Ask for 100% reimbursement. I am sure they will give it to you. Really they have to!

Yes, I agree they have to do it!

Hello Prezi community, we understand and listen to your concerns, at the moment we’re still not able to provide an estimate resolution date, but our engineering team is actively working on addressing the current compatibility issues with the M1 processor.

We’ll reach out to each of you privately so we can find the best possible solution.

Thanks for your continuous patience and understanding with this matter.

Hi Catarina,

That sounds very nice. What does reaching out mean? To whom are you reaching out?

Thank you for clarifying.

Hello @Roger_Schmidt, we’re reaching out in a private message to the users that showed any concern in relation to their licenses and the current incompatibility issue with the M1 processor :slight_smile:

Hope this could clarify it!

Thank you, Catarina. I did express concern but have not been contacted, yet. Therefore, I was asking whether you are using any other criteria for your reaching out.

@Roger_Schmidt I’m really sorry, contacting you right away! :slight_smile: