Complicated process (or not?)

Hi, can’t seem to figure, if it’s okay to ask. How can we:

  1. Start presentation with 1st bubble showing on a slide
  2. Fade in 2nd bubble, arrow pointing to it & image on a slide
  3. Fade in 3rd bubble & arrow pointing to it
  4. Zoom in 3rd bubble, then out
  5. Fade in 4th bubble
  6. Zoom in 4th bubble, then out
  7. Zoom in 1st bubble, then out
  8. Zoom in 2nd bubble, then out
  9. Fade in 5th bubble
  10. Zoom in 5th bubble…

Sorry if makes sound complicated, but its just a process I can’t figure how else to describe. I also mention arrows just in case there’s a workaround but could be different if arrows or images on a bubble are involved.

Thanking in advance!

Hello @willvv, Prezi automatically zooms into your topics one after the other, in the order you create in the left panel (you can drag and drop the thumbnails to change the order). Also the presentation automatically zooms out to the overview between each topic. In case you’d like to add Fade in animations to the topics or other objects between these automatic transitions, you can right click on them and select “Add animation”. In the Animations side bar, you’ll be able to select where you’d like to add the (fade in) animations, for example after topic1, topic 2, etc. Here is an example screencast. I hope this helps.

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Go use prezi Classic. Prezi next is essentially useless with very limited freedom. Staffs will only give you some super complicated workaround. It’s much easier to control the flow of Prezi Classic

and to add on to what @Sara has shown you, I’d add some Zoom Areas to go back to previous bubbles as needed, as well as using the Fade In animation option for the arrows at certain times. You can also have these elements Fade Out as needed. Best of Luck @willvv

Thanks guys, appreciate your support!