Confidential company presentations - security?

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I wonder if I can use Prezi for company presentations which are confidential. What about security?

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Hello, @Martina_Helfen. We’d be happy to help. Please know that security is very important for us and we are GDPR compliant. Could you please let us know what exactly you would like to know about security?

In the meantime, please feel free to check out our privacy policy, find out more about the difference between adding someone as a collaborator and sending a view link, and learn about how to tell whether you presentations are public.

Hi Lana, thanks for your answer. I am just wondering if presentation data I am not sharing is really safe (thanks to your answer I now know about being able to set the status to public or private, I more think about unauthorized access) . I think this is always the question when I upload data in the internet…
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I am glad you found the answer helpful!

Please know that Prezi has TLS encryption for client-to-server and server-to-server communication.

If you have any further questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

Hello everyone,
I have read several topics concerning security of data in the community. What I understand so far:

  • Prezi Next currently does not offer possibility to have fully offline presentations, to ensure no confidential data is stored on Cloud.
  • While Product Team has been aware of this request for 18 months, such a feature is not planned to be included in Prezi Next in the short term.
  • Data is stored on storage services in the US and on Amazon Web Services in parts of the east and west of the US and some regions within Europe.
  • Prezi has TLS encryption for client-to-server and server-to-server communication.

So my question is: could you provide us with more details concerning data storage security? What are the “storage services in the US”? Is the data liekly to be duplicated on several could services? Can you list the exact could services where the data is stored? Can you list all the security options ? For example, AWS offers options such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Amazon Cloud HSM, Cloud Trail, Cloud Watch, etc.

Campanies are used to having their own data storage system to ensure the security. Before considering switching to a cloud-based system, Prezi has to prove its reliability in terms of security, providing a full professional technical justification.

Please know that customer content is stored on Amazon S3, we only utilise Amazon for data storage. Data is replicated within Amazon’s environment. We utilise various security related services for protecting data and monitoring our cloud environment.

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I used to be a big fan of Prezy, but I find an absolute NO-GO, after all the GDPR noise and attention, that:
1_A basic user has absolutely no control on the privacy of its own material unless paying for an upgrade!!!
2_no support is provided for email request (like this one would have been!), unless for a non Basic profile!
I am expecting a feedback ASAP on this, and I will check in the meantime with customers unions how to protect my privacy!

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I’m looking to create a presentation that will host some sensitive info. Is there not a way to add permissions on presentations or possibly email domain white listing? I wonder how any company could use Prezi if they want to place any values or personal content within their presentation? If there is a way around this, please let me know!

Hello @Daniela, under the terms of your Prezi Basic license—as well as those of our Terms and Privacy Policy—you can create, collaborate, and share your presentations publicly on To make them private, you’ll need one of our paid license types.

The GDPR requires that we (Prezi) inform our users about their privacy options and rights; our license types; our data processing practices, purposes, and means; and the types of personal data we process. You have the right, amongst others, to be informed of and ask us to access, delete, change, or export your personal data.

The GDPR does not require us to make your presentations private. Our paid licenses do give you full control of how you display your content. Of course, you also have the right to close your account and delete your presentations, if you prefer. Our Support Team can help with this if necessary.

We hope this answers your questions and that you’ll keep using Prezi in the future :slight_smile:

Hello @Zakaria_Mohamed, if you have a Standard or higher Prezi Next plan, you are able to change the privacy in your presentations: you can choose to create a view link and send it to the people you wish or add someone as a collaborator to your presentation, either with viewing or editing rights.

Let us know if this could help! :slight_smile:

Hi @Catarina, I made a presentation and made it private. The issue is that there is still a URL for the presentation that exists and it is not that difficult to crack. The shareble link exists whether you request it or not and the link is not unique nor protected in any way from unwanted viewers. Prezi should embed log in functionalities or domain name white listings to get around this. Due to the presentation not being completely secure, my company has decided to find another host.

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Hello @Zakaria_Mohamed, we understand your concerns and we are sharing this feedback with our Product team. But please note that in order share your presentation you need to select the option of “Create new link”, so these links are always created by each user. You can also create several view links for the same presentation and the URLs are randomly generated, so there is a very small chance of discovering them.

How is it legal for Prezi to hold the privacy of my presentation hostage? When I created these presentations, they were private or set temporarily to public just while I was giving the presentation. These presentations have sensitive information that shouldn’t be publicly available, but I don’t want to delete them. Do I really have to upgrade just to change the privacy?

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Let us know if you have further questions!