Confidentiality & storing

Hi everyone,
I have two questions :

  1. Can we make sure that the document is only available for the creator ?
  2. Can we store the document on our desktop ?

Thanks for your answers,

Hello @Adam_BOUANFIR, I’ll answer below.

  1. Yes, we can send out our security paper, it will only be accessible by other people if you create a share link and wants to share with other people, if you keep it private, without any active share link, it will be accessible only by you. Keep in mind that privacy settings are available for Standard licenses or Higher. You can read more about sharing presentations, here.

  2. Yes, you can. But you need a license Plus or higher in order to download a portable version of your presentation or to export it via PDF.

You can read more about our licenses, here. If you are logged into Prezi, make sure to access this URL via an incognito window, you’ll have access to the pricing page.

I hope this was helpful.