Confluence Plug-in for Prezi

I’ve been forced to work with Confluence on a regular basis at my workplace. Generally that’s what happens when you’re their wiki developer. I’ve been looking through some of the pages and the instance as a whole would benefit from a built-in Prezi plug-in.

While I could always just make an {html} wrapper for the embed code, I’d rather have a way to possibly take .pez files and access them through the plug-in. Keeping everything internal would make the company spring for Prezi usage a lot faster.

Also, while the {html} wrapper works, it’d be nice if it could be a much cleaner page (i.e. custom file names, less writing). Something like {prezi:samplePrezi.pez} works a lot better than half a page of HTML.


Thanks for the heads up. We know that private prezis are a big concern, and hope to have a plug-in made for this. Correct me where I’m mistaken, but are you saying that because you are unable to “embed” a prezi without a connection, it is problematic?

Sorry, it’s late and I’m trying my best :).

Trying to get as much info for the devo team as possible.


It’s not so much an issue that the Prezi is online, but rather which site it’s hosted at. Many companies (the one I work for part-time included) have a desire to create presentations that may include sensitive company operating data, be it workflows, process maps, earnings statements, etc. As such, companies such as mine are wary of even using the online editor for the creation of a presentation, as some of that data, while perfectly secure for the time being, has the potential to be “hacked” by a third party. Simply posting the information outside of a firewalled environment is a concern for a publicly traded company.

Therefore, a way to generate Prezis offline (with Prezi Desktop) and then export them as the same .swf files that are already made on Prezi’s site would be ideal. From there, the plug-in really just serves as a Flash wrapper, guaranteeing that the .swf is shown with the proper navigation controls.

I’ve already talked a bit about how the .exe file that’s currently created isn’t much use at a self-hosted web level (in that you can’t embed .exe files, and can’t have them reference necessary resources), but a self-contained .swf that can be referenced as an attachment would be wonderful.

Was a prezi plugin for confluence ever created? I checked their docs and don’t see one.

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A plugin was never created, however, you can use an tag to include it.

I know you were talking about private prezis, but public prezis can easily be inserted in confluence pages using this user macro:…

Our company is seeking ways to allow embedding private prezis served from We welcome any ideas or input on this topic.