Conforming to Accessibility Standards

Do you have any updates to this thread or can you give an ETA when these concerns might be addressed? I’m beginning development for a new online course for the Fall and would love to use Prezi, but I am required to meet accessibility standards and don’t have time to jump through hoops to work around this lack of support. I need to make a decision ASAP so an approximate timeframe would be very helpful.

Hoping you have something in the pipeline very soon!

Just checking to see if anyone can share an update?

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I’m very sorry but we cannot share any relevant updates at the moment. I understand that this might be a dealbreaker but currently we can only recommend the above-mentioned workarounds.

Is Prezi 508C? I am building a presentation for FEMA, which is government and has a government obligation to build products in 508C.

Thank you.

Hello @Brandi_Kelly, I’m afraid that currently Prezi is not 508C compliant, but there are some workarounds we can recommend:

I have just reviewed long thread (over course of years) on historical lack of accessibility features in Prezi platform. This is extremely unfortunate. Is there any existing guidance to make a Prezi accessible? Goes without saying this would be a deal breaker in using regularly for work. Please advise. Thank you.

Hello @Ellen_Nacik, I have merged your question into the relevant thread. Currently Prezi is not ADA compliant unfortunately. I apologize for any inconvenience. I would suggest consulting the workarounds mentioned in the posts above. In case you do not find them helpful or you are looking for specific features please let me know, I’ll be happy to forward your request to the responsible team.