Conforming to Accessibility Standards

Do you have any updates to this thread or can you give an ETA when these concerns might be addressed? I’m beginning development for a new online course for the Fall and would love to use Prezi, but I am required to meet accessibility standards and don’t have time to jump through hoops to work around this lack of support. I need to make a decision ASAP so an approximate timeframe would be very helpful.

Hoping you have something in the pipeline very soon!

Just checking to see if anyone can share an update?

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I’m very sorry but we cannot share any relevant updates at the moment. I understand that this might be a dealbreaker but currently we can only recommend the above-mentioned workarounds.

Is Prezi 508C? I am building a presentation for FEMA, which is government and has a government obligation to build products in 508C.

Thank you.

Hello @Brandi_Kelly, I’m afraid that currently Prezi is not 508C compliant, but there are some workarounds we can recommend:

I have just reviewed long thread (over course of years) on historical lack of accessibility features in Prezi platform. This is extremely unfortunate. Is there any existing guidance to make a Prezi accessible? Goes without saying this would be a deal breaker in using regularly for work. Please advise. Thank you.

Hello @Ellen_Nacik, I have merged your question into the relevant thread. Currently Prezi is not ADA compliant unfortunately. I apologize for any inconvenience. I would suggest consulting the workarounds mentioned in the posts above. In case you do not find them helpful or you are looking for specific features please let me know, I’ll be happy to forward your request to the responsible team.

I’m trying to determine if this software is ADA compliant. How can a person with blindness navigate a presentation using your software?

Hello @Karen_Jacoby, I have merged your post into the relevant thread, please see replies/workarounds above. Prezi is not ADA compliant currently. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Hello there, accessibility issues are more and more paramount to address. I too am faced with the need to use other resources because PREZI is not accessible yet. I see that this thread has been open for two years. I do understand that making these kinds of change can be complicated and expensive, but do you at least have a plan or features that are incoming ? A little more transparency would be appreciated.

I do not plan to keep my subscription if this tool does not become more accessible.
Thank you.

Hello @Emmanuel_Martin-Jean, these features are currently not on the immediate roadmap unfortunately. In case we receive further information about them in the future, we’ll post about it in this thread.

Thank you Sara for the information. I guess this means I’ll search for a more inclusive solution in the meantime.

Have a nice day.

@Emmanuel_Martin-Jean You’re welcome and I am sorry about the inconvenience. Have a great day.

I work for a government agency and was recently reprimanded for suggesting the use of Prezi because it is not section 508 compliant. I understand that the that you “are currently not compliant” and it is “not on the immediate roadmap” for your business model. I think this is a misstep.

Most of my interactions with your software have been as a user and not a creator. I love using the framework to help explain complex regulations, by tailoring discussions in the moment and using your platform to provide visual aids. I’m at the point where being innovative, and a good steward of my program needs more functionality than your competitor can offer but I am forced to use them simply because you have not become section 508 compliant yet.

I understand that section 508 applies to government agencies and your core customer is not the government. However, government employees, like me, are being told to avoid using your product. How can government become a client when you don’t comply with the regulations we follow? While this may be a financial decision for your company, and you may perceive a limited gain from becoming compliant; I imagine that you would initially break even and then be in a position to profit moving forward. In the 1990’s Apple/IBM business strategies were different. Apples targeted schools, IBM targeted Business. The catch, once people left school’s the went to business, apple missed out on expansion opportunities by not supporting that transition. Similarly, you are missing out on opportunities by not being section 508 compliant. You provide a cool way to present information that people are excited about and in my case, quickly become disappointed when I can’t use your platform for the public sector. I don’t understand where the issue is with 508 compliance but it doesn’t seem like a resource heavy activity to develop a fix.

Prezi seems to target students and sales people. But I consider the people I interact with as my “customers” (not in the traditional sense) and the best way for me to interact with them is by using modern, interactive technologies to help educate/inform.

I think you should revisit this issue, and consider if it is really too costly to comply.


Hello @JasonD, thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We also agree that it would be very beneficial to be ADA compliant, so we will send this to our product team and will let you know as soon as we any developments :slight_smile:

Morning. I am working to comply with accessibility needs. Will Prezi export as readable text?


Hello @Michael_Harvey, Prezi is not ADA compliant unfortunately. You can export the presentations to PDF, however each step in your presentation’s path will become an image. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us, we’ll be happy to help.

Hi Sara,
Thanks for the quick reply. There is recurring interest around here, every time Prezi come up we have to deny use due to lack of ADA compliance. My understanding is if the readable content could be exported as… readable content, it would go a long way to allowing us to use Prezi.

Is that on the roadmap? If so, do you have a timeline?


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Hello @Michael_Harvey, I apologize for any inconvenience. These features are currently not on the immediate roadmap unfortunately. In case we receive further information about them in the future, we’ll post it in this thread.


I was very saddened to find this thread. I currently work semiprofessionally with an umbrella NGO for disabled people. I like Prezi so much and the possibilities the tool provides for more captivating presentations. I even had a conversations recently with one of the head technical officers introducing her to Prezi. At first asking if they have a Prezi subscription which turned into me introducing it to her since she hadn’t heard of it before.

Even though I, myself, do not need software in general to conform to Accessibility Standards I can not in good concience recommend that an NGO focused on the welfare and betterment of social security for people with disabilities purchase or start a subscription for a software tool that does not conform to Accessibility Standards.
Furthermore the first couple of posts on this thread show a disarming lack of concern about people with disabilities that require the use of accessible software. Whether that was because of lack of training in that regard, inexperience, thoughtless clumsiness in wording or an actual lack of understanding (refering to the “what features would be beneficial” response) doesn’t really matter. I sincerely hope that that at least has been remedied in the almost three years that this thread has existed.

To summarise: I cannot recommend that my organisation starts an official business association at the present time. I decided to add my reply to this thread for two reasons; add my small weight to the discussion and pressure for Prezi to conform to accessibility standards and so that I can monitor this thread if there would be any change in this matter.
I very much hope that you will decide to make this a priority.

Bergthor Thordarson
Chair of the income policy group for OBI - The Icelandic Disability Alliance