Confusing wording in "Save your changes" menu


The past 2 weeks have been confusing when it comes to opening a project that we are working on. With Next, every time I open a project in the app it tells me that it is not in sync with the online version, even though I have made sure to sync it before closing Next either on line or in the app.

Confusing Next version

I do not want to save a new version, yet I don’t want to lose what is already synced. The wording is confusing. Do I discard the changes that I made yesterday even though I synced it or do I make a new version which I already have? It was much easier in Classic when it asked me which version to sync.

Classic version that says, “Hey, do you want to sync both locations to the latest version you worked on?” That is a GREAT way to make syncing simple.

The Next way is having me make multiple copies for what reason? I have lost a full presentation because I had already saved my changes and did not need to save them again in another repeated version, but when I went to the presentation, all of the saved changes were GONE because I went for option 2 thinking that my saved changes would still be there. I did save them and synced yesterday!

Please improve the phrases on the Next sync options or go back to the “* Latest Version” method that worked so well in Classic!


Thank you for the feedback, we will pass it on.