Consider adding a tool to create tables

I know that this can be solved by inserting an imagen. But, it would be tremendous powerful if you can add a tool to create tables

Hi Alvin,
Fantastic idea! We love hearing from our users about what features they’d like added and are constantly updating our features to make Prezi more powerful.

In the meantime you can insert your spreadsheets, graphs or tables by doing the following:…

In the meantime, keep the ideas coming, we love your input.

Fully support! It would be very empowering to have more opportunities for structuring information/text in Prezi…

That PDF solution is doubtful - even more complex. It’s much faster to have screenshot using one of many programs (e.g. MS OneNote, Jing).

What if I want to add simple table and fill it inside Prezi? Currently, either I type each “cell” item separately and then manually adjust them to look like table, or type in Excel, export to PDF, export my Prezi from desktop to online, go online, import PDF, download Prezi back to desktop.

Hello. I used this idea, using powerpoint, excel, etc., and exporting to pdf, but the image uploaded was a bad quality. Its better tool table.

Insert images or PDFs is so complicated, 'cause you have to do many steps. It can be good for tables that are not done for prezi, but you need to show them once. Table-making tool would be a good feature.

Hi Roman, we are aware of this request but cannot promise anything at this point. Please keep an eye on our blog, GetSat company updates, Facebook page or Twitter feed for official info.

Hello, Cathryne. It’s very nice that Prezi communicate with users. One more point for comin’ to prezi from MS PP. Maybe you need some help with table-issue?

If you have good ideas on how to design and implement tables well, please share them :slight_smile:

I am a physician who teaches at a medical school. While I like Prezi a great deal, I find that the lack of functionality for table making is a deal breaker. I have tried making tables in PowerPoint, saving as an image and importing into Prezi, but the quality of the image is suboptimal. Also, any change that needs to be made is a hassle, as I have to go back to PowerPiont, modify the table, re-save, re-import.

Mike Edmond

Table creation is a must.._

Thanks for your feedback. We are aware of this request, and think it’s a great idea. Until we have a native solution for this ( I cannot give you timelines or a roadmap) you can convert your screenshots or PPT exports to PDF or swf and upload them to your prezi. This way you can zoom closer to them without loosing the resolution as you do with bitmap images.

Wow - this topic has been unsolved for over three years now …
This is not good!

Wow I am loving Prezi but came up against this issue myself…and searching it appears that Prezi has been aware but done nothing for over 5 years!

I am pretty stunned that I can’t find any easy way to add tables without having to draw each line or copy in an image.  That is really basic functionality for a presentation tool guys!