Content available in overview but not in presentation mode



I have added content to sub-categories and see the content in the overview but when I hit presentation mode, they disappear and am left with blank circles.

Thanks, for your help!


Hello @Nora_Arzoumanian, the issue was happening because the content was inserted in the topic cover and not inside of it. Could you please check if it’s working correctly now?


Hello Catarina,
Yes it is resolved, thanks so much!
So that it doesn’t happen again, can you tell me how I should proceed for the rest of the presentation?
Also, can you let me know if I have access to changing the slides with my iphone while presenting, with the basic plan that I have?


Hello @Nora_Arzoumanian, I am sending a video example on how to do it:

It’s only possible to edit your presentations through your computer. When using a mobile device you can download the Prezi Viewer application and you will be able to view, present, and share your presentations.