Content Gone

Hello @Rich_Springer, unfortunately there isn’t any loss of content registered in our database. Please, always try to make sure there are no firewall or adblock settings in the computer that could the blocking the syncing of the presentation.

Catarina, I will double check, but she’s been working on it for several weeks and only the title slide has content. On her Prezi site, there are several files, but only 2 show just the title slide. When I share it (to me at my email), the title slide is there, but there are also several other slides without content.

Are there previous versions with the content? Thank you.

Hello @Rich_Springer, I have investigated both presentations and there aren’t any previous versions with the content in Prezi, so it’s not possible to revert it. We advise to recommend her to always assure that there are no firewall or adblock settings that could the blocking the syncing and preventing the saving of the presentation.

Hello I have just had the same issue. I have been working on this presentation for months and then I logged in today and everything is just gone. All I can see is the first slide in the presentation and everything else has disappeared. Please please help I am really stressing out about this my presentation/class is on Thursday and I now have absolutely nothing to show for it. I even upgraded to the next tier just to be able to get support please help. It even shows the last date of when I made edits on Apr 24th but nothing is showing. Dont know if its the link you need but its It’s the only presentation I had on my account. I’m desperate.

Hi @Camille_Barrios, there was some loss of content on Apr 24. We have reverted it to an earlier version. Can you please check it now and let me know if this is the version you were looking for?

@Kata When I logged in this morning it looks like it was back to an older version. I just made an edit and now its gone again. Can you please do what you did earlier to get the other version back and I’ll just use it as is to not risk losing it again. thanks

Hi @Camille_Barrios, I reverted it, can you please check it and let me know if this is the right version?

Hello, I had just been working on my first prezi and it was almost done and then I tried to view it and it told me it was not there, perhaps it had been deleted. And now I cannot find it anywhere…WHAT?! Can anyone help please? Thank you

Hello @Sarah_Campbell, Unfortunately I do not see any presentations in your account and there are no deleted presentations either. Most likely your presentation was not saved properly. I would suggest making sure you have stable Internet connection and that your presentation is saved when working in your browser online. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions.

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Hi there,I have a similar problem. I created a prezi on ADHD for a class assignment. The link that I sent to the teacher was an older version which only showed a fraction of my work, so I got a 0. How can I recover the full version? Any help is appreciated. Here is the link:

Hi @Natasha_Ugamette, thank you for sending the link. I reverted it to a bit earlier state, but to me, it seems like some of the content you added was not synced correctly. Are you using an educational network?

Could you please make sure there are no firewall or AdBlock settings in your computer that could cause sync issues.

Hi! I see you are an employee. I haven’t used Prezi in a year or so, (since I was not teaching those classes) and I just logged in and I have no presentations left in my folder. Can you please tell me why everything is gone? Thank you.

Hi @Erin_Laughery_Carson, don’t forget to switch to the right Dashboard (Classic or Next) in the top left corner using the arrow.


I went to edit a prezi I use to welcome my students on the first day and all of my topics and subtopics are no longer in the left hand column to re-order. The content is there but all the “slides” are gone. Any ideas on how to edit this back to be able to present it without having to redo. Thank you!

Hello @Rebekah_Lindsey, could you please send us the view link of the presentation so we can investigate it? :slight_smile:

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As an instructor, I use Prezi in my high school program, and last year we had to skip the unit that incorporated Prezi, so it has been a while since I’ve logged in. To my dismay, all of the stored work is gone (even though the folders are still there). Was there no warning to users? There were some truly spectacular final projects that I liked showing students to encourage them to strive to make great Prezis…

Hey @Jeffrey_Townsend I’ve checked your account and it looks like there was only one presentation created there, and I don’t see any deleted or wiped content either - are you sure you’re using the right account?

Let us know :slight_smile:

Definitely the right account. Is there a policy about dumping files after a period of inactivity? Is there nothing else for you to check?