Content Gone

Hello PREZI Employee, I have the same problem with my presentation.
Is it possible to recover it?

Hello @Flavio_Menegolli, we have reverted your presentation, could you please check it?

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I selected a template and I was working on it for 3 hours but the synchronization was lost and I did not get everything I worked on. I’m working on a new one and I don’t know how to save it to my projects folder

Hello @Evila_Salmeron, I merged your post with the relevant thread. I’ve checked your presentation, and unfortunately there isn’t any loss of content registered in our database.

Any added content is automatically synced, but to guarantee this is happening correctly, please assure that you have a stable internet connection, and you’re also able to click on the cloud sync button on the top left corner, to register any changes, as you can see here

Hope this could help :slight_smile: