Content mirrored in DigiLounge

Hi folks. I have a conference coming up in which I’ll be using one of my Prezi presentations. The conference platform is Remo DigiLounge.

The issue: I see my Prezi text mirrored, though delegates see it correctly.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Opened Prezi desktop app and navigated to my Prezi. Text shown correctly.
  2. Logged into DigiLounge and selected Prezi Camera. Text in DigiLounge mirrored (for me, not delegates).
  3. I tried both mirror modes (in the Prezi app), but this just horizontally swaps my video image - it has no effect on the Prezi content, which is still (for me) mirrored.
  4. There is no mirror mode in DigiLounge.

Can anyone help please?
Many thanks!

Hi @Tony_Davis, please note that this mirroring happens on DigiLounge’s side.

As I can see you have already checked out the mirroring in Prezi which should change the video image, but it does not influence the content mirroring.

I would advise you to contact DigiLounge as they have control over the mirroring of your image in their conferencing app.

Many thanks, Bart. I did push DigiLounge hard, but they are blaming Prezi, saying they can only ‘broadcast’ the video feed Prezi sends them. This must mean the Prezi is actually sending the feed in two sections. Feed 1 is the image of me and my environment. Feed 2 is the overlay presentation.
When I click mirror video in Prezi, it only affects Feed 1.
This doesn’t happen with Zoom, where both Feed 1 & 2 change.
It would be great if someone from Prezi could make contact with the DigiLounge (Remo) team to find the root cause issue. While everyone thinks it’s someone else’s problem, it’s us users who lose out.
Very many thanks again, Bart, for taking the time. Much appreciated.
Best wishes

Hi @Tony_Davis, there are indeed several layers inside Prezi, but once it reaches the Prezi Camera it is mixed into 1 single layer that is picked up by whichever video conferencing platform you are using. When you change the mirroring inside Prezi Video then you only affect your camera image before it is mixed into that 1 single layer.

Please note, that the mirroring happens in your conferencing app, the image from Prezi Video is broadcasted the same way as you see it inside the Prezi Video application.

Google Meet, for example, does the same thing. If you join a meeting with Google Meet you will see your own image mirrored, but your audience will see you in the correct orientation.

Unfortunately, this is an issue that Prezi has no control over. As a workaround, you can watch your Prezi Video window to see your content properly.

Many thanks again, Bart. I tried my best with DigiLounge, but they couldn’t find an option to sort it out. I did use the workaround of watching my Prezi window, but it wasn’t ideal as I keep that fairly small due to how I manage my window space.

Huge thanks for taking the time though.

Very best