Content Missing - Not Saving Presentations?


So, hmmm…Signed up for a basic account to try Prezi out this weekend, and when I went back in today all the work I had done is gone. I was assuming that the work was being saved as it had the notice about it being synced at the top left. It’s not the end of the world as it’s gone, as mostly I was just learning how to use it…but scary to have hours of my time just vanish.

Now, however, I’ve gone in and several times I’ve created a new presentation this evening, titled it, found the drop down menu to save…but after clicking save, it’s not showing up in my main area/folders. Just the notice that nothing is there.

Another weird thing was I was trying to look at pricing plans and this circular loop of having to verify my email address over and over again…and unable to see the plans.

Not feeling very confident that I can rely on the software as I see in this thread there are others who also note missing content just regularly enough it doesn’t seem reliable…any thoughts appreciated, love the dynamism of the software.

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